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What is Clear Motivations?

Clear Motivations

Clear Motivations is a community-based adult day program serving adults with disabilities. All of our activities and exercises are centered around the participant's goals and are focused on community integration.  Not only do we motivate our participants to be involved within their community, but we also support those who seek employment. Since 2013, Clear Motivations has successfully placed 136 participants with direct employment jobs within Orange County. All direct hire participants are hired directly through businesses just like you and me.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide individuals with disabilities an opportunity for equality in today's workforce.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining competitive integrated employment within their community. Through Clear Motivations programs, and services we stimulate, educate, and create an environment where our participants can obtain successful employment.


Motivate My Closet (MMC)

Clear Motivations

Motivate My Closet (Thrift Store):

Motivate My Closet is a second-hand clothing store founded by CM that reuses and recycles your generous donations by providing employment for individuals with disabilities.

Motivate My Closet believes in the importance of full inclusion within the community and most importantly the employment industry. 100% of the profits go back towards the employment of our MMC direct-hire participants.

Learn more about Motivate My Closet at:

Exceeding Dreams Media

& Marketing (ExD)

Clear Motivations

ExD (Exceeding Dreams):

Our Media & Marketing department prides itself on truly making a difference in every life that we touch. Currently, Clear Motivations has hired 2 of their participants to work in their Media & Marketing department. Both direct hires had previous knowledge of the basics of social media and Photoshop. However, after getting hired at ExD, their skills have been shooting through the roof, and are only perfecting their craft each day. 

The career fields we focus on are: Office/Secretarial, Social Media Management, Website Maintenance, Marketing, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Broadcasting, and Production.

Within these career paths they learn how to; build and show confidence, work in a professional setting, and multi-task while staying organized. On top of all of that, they will also gain a plethora of technical skills.

Learn more about ExD Media & Marketing at:

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