Updated: October 2019

NAME: Andy Lee

DISABILITY: Intellectual Disability (ID)
BEHAVIORS: Inappropriate Touching 



I am working for chart? Yes

Read/write? Can write his name, but does not read.


Andy may become confused when too much verbal direction is given and he may begin to walk away from the group; he should be kept in the middle when working on tasks at worksites. He must stay with the group to prevent him from wandering and doing anything inappropriate. Always redirect when he is touching, or looking at shoes. He has an obsession with shoes. His pockets need to be checked prior to work location and before leaving; he has a tendency to put toys in his pockets.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

  • 2 minutes with a book or magazine

  • Like to eat hot chips

  • Watch funny videos

  • Listening to upbeat music

  • Likes to take pictures with his phone: Selfie Time!

Restroom Accidents?

No assistance needed, but Andy needs to use the restroom frequently; he has restroom accidents and he brings a change of pants. Also, needs to be reminded to use the restroom. Have set restroom breaks for him. He should use the restroom before pick up (at home), once at the first worksite halfway through, once at lunch, and once at the second worksite halfway through. This is all just to minimize any restroom accidents he might have.

Eating habits?

Good eating habits, brings lunch from home. Needs visual to use napkin.

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Eye contact

  • Facial hair (grooming)

  • Following directions

  • Staying focused

  • No touching

Special tips/instructions?

When using the chart remind Andy to not touch any shoes and no spitting. During pick up coach should do a quick pocket check with Andy, if he has a toy redirect him to leave his toy at home and praise him for following directions. Coach needs to reassure him that it’s okay for him to bring his phone “to work for” taking a picture. Expectations: Do not take items from the store. Redirect him to purchase items with mom. Always praise Andy with a high five and smile. Close supervision is required around young children.

Facebook: Participant has authorized consent from parent or guardian to utilize Facebook for weekly wrap-ups.