NAME: Daniel Ballas

DISABILITY: Intellectual Disability (ID) 
BEHAVIORS: Self-injurious Behavior (Scratches face), throwing objects w/force

DROP-OFF W/ NO GUARDIAN: No, someone needs to be home (group home)


***IMPORTANT: Morning pick up details***

When picking up Daniel coach should say, "good morning, it's so good to see you!" With an enthusiastic voice and two thumbs up. Then after signing him out, walk together to the car and have him place his backpack in the trunk. Coach needs to take out iPad and hand it to Daniel then quickly take out his lunch pail and water bottle from his backpack and seat belt safety lock. Before putting his seat belt on coach should prompt Daniel and let him know that they will be helping him with the safety lock. Once the safety lock is on he may communicate with his iPad that he wants his basketball and then coach may give it to him. SEAT BELT LOCK SHOULD ONLY BE USED DURING PICK UP. Coach should play upbeat music as a distraction and sing along to whatever is playing to show him that we're ready for a good and happy day.

1. I'm working for the chart? No

2. Read\write? No, non-verbal

3. Behaviors?

Potential aggressive behavior (throws items with force, may hit with “open hand”) When agitated he may scratch his face and pick his scabs.

4. Reinforcers: Special interest that will motivate participant?

Daniel enjoys being praised and motivated. To ensure participation from Daniel in daily activities coach must use a timer and set it to 5 minutes, once those 5 minutes are over Daniel must communicate using his iPad that he wants his basketball from his backpack. Once he has his basketball the timer must be set to 1:30-2 minutes with his reinforcer (ball), this is considered his “uninterrupted break” away from the group to keep him engaged. Once the time is up he must put his ball away back into his backpack and the coach will then set the timer back to 5 minutes without his reinforcer. Throughout the day the time without his reinforcer should increase, so instead of 5 minutes without it the coach can set it to 10 or 15 minutes and less time with his reinforcer (30 seconds - 1 minute). He should not be praised for having put his ball away because that’s something his has to do. He may be praised for following the coaches expectations e.g. having calm hands (no hitting), using his words, making better choices, participating etc.

5. Restroom accidents?

No, but needs to be checked on and asked if done because then he will just stand in front of toilet staring at it. Also, needs to be reminded to wash hands. Using a timer works well.

6. Eating habits? Needs verbal and visual prompting.

7. Three (or more) Areas that your participant should focus on?

  • Not hurting himself or others

  • Participating and being open to all activities.

  • Exercising

8. Special tips\instructions?

Patience is required to work with Daniel. Motivation and praise throughout the day is important. Avoid repeating his name, more gestural less verbal.

  1. Provide simple directions and give Daniel to process the info- avoid repeating- more gestural prompts than visual.

  2. Use hand gestures (gestural prompts) to point to choices/direction rather than verbal.

  3. Do not touch him (if not necessary) when upset. 

  4. If he refuses to give a high five, try a fist pound/bump, if not then give him space. Give him a few minutes to relax and try again.

  5. Ask him questions. Give him choices. He will either say YES or NO.

  6. Motivation & Praise is encouraged throughout the day (use highly preferred reinforcers, squishy toys).

Daniel Ballas - Motivation Example

Updated: February 2020