Edgar Rodriguez



Updated: AUG 2020


NAME: Edgar Rodriguez



Eats slowly, needs a reminder to be aware of the time remaining



JOB TITLE: Dining Room Attendant

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Maintaining cleanliness of entire store (lobby, salsa bar, restrooms) 

MANAGER'S NAME: Gloria (General Manager), Sandra, Betty, and Leonel


COVID-19 Procedures


  • Greet the staff and manager 

  • Before Edgar clocks in, he MUST wash his hands for 20 seconds, and sign his initials to check off that he had washed his hands. (coach as well)

  • (Throughout his shift, Edgar has to wash his hands every 30 minutes, and then put on a fresh pair of gloves.)

  • Edgar must then put on clear gloves located by the registers. He can not touch the registers with his bare hands. (coach as well)

  • Once Edgar finishes, the computer will print out his results. Then, Edgar can proceed to clock in. Edgar must take his test results and present them to the manager. The manager will then look over it and put it away in a file. The manager will then check Edgar's temperature. The manager will also check the coach's temperature as well.

  • Edgar has to get the mop bucket and fill it with hot water ONLY. A green mop is used to mop the outdoor area. He needs to get brown paper towels and located in the back room closet, he gets the Spic & Span, and dustpan/broom.

  • Edgar uses the dustpan and broom first to clean up any garbage that may be present BEFORE he mops. Once this is completed, he can mop.

  • Once Edgar finishes mopping, he has to bring the outdoor dining chairs outside (they are located inside the store) and place them there according to the store's social distancing guidelines. These guidelines are placed on the table and wherever they are placed, Edgar cannot put a chair there.

  • Edgar must then clean the tabletops with brown paper towels using the Spic and Span.

  • Then, Edgar can clean the store's windows using left to right motions.

  • When Edgar finishes, he has to empty out the mop bucket and put everything back where it belongs.

  • Edgar washed his hands, puts on gloves, and can go into the freezer to retrieve serrano peppers that he has to bag.

  • The bags that he uses are located in the stock room. Edgar also goes to the washing station to get 2 trays and scissors. BEFORE Edgar begins to bag the Serrano, he must print out a label and place it on one of the trays. This can be done on the registers. Edgar knows how. Once it is completed, Edgar goes to the drive-thru window to retrieve the printed label. He sticks it on the tray, and can not begin.

  • Edgar must fill the entire tray with bagged serrano peppers. He has to put 2 peppers into each bag. He ties them and using the scissors, he cuts off the ends. The coach can assist Edgar by cutting the ends off for him so that the process can go by quicker. Remind Edgar to stand up straight during this duty. He tends to slouch.

  • After completing, Edgar has to place the tray into the freezer. Edgar must notify his manager that he has finished. He can then go out to the outdoor dining area with a dustpan/broom, brown paper towels with Spic and Span. He must clean and sanitize the area as needed.

  • Edgar can now begin to bag yellow lemons. They are located in the freezer. This process is the same as bagging Serrano peppers. Except instead of using plastic bags, Edgar must use plastic cups with lids. These are also located in the stock room. He must place 2 lemon wedges into the plastic cup and place them into the tray. The coach can assist Edgar by putting the lids onto the cups for him.

  • After completing, Edgar has to place the tray into the freezer. Edgar must notify his manager that he has finished. He can then check the outdoor dining area and clean/disinfect the area as needed. He must also regularly clean and disinfect the area where customers most often frequent. (the soda machines, and around the register areas)

  • Located under the soda machines, there is a bucket filled with the disinfectant solution. Edgar must use this to clean around the registers and on the soda machine. He can also use this to clean the back door handles, the front door handle, and the restroom doors. All high touch areas must be cleaned.

  • For the remainder of his shift, Edgar will be cleaning and disinfecting indoor/outdoor areas. The manager will also let Edgar know if there are any other tasks they want him to carry out during his shift.

  • Once his shift is nearly completed, he must ask his manager if there is anything else they need from him, usually, the manager says no and gives Edgar the go-ahead to clock out. With gloves, Edgar can clock out. Edgar removes his gloves and washes his hands before retrieving his items. Edgar must then thank and say good-bye to his co-workers and his managers.


  • Being able to work and the thought of getting my paycheck is what keeps me motivated.

  • I love my job and it makes me happy when you praise me for doing a great job.

  • Some of my interests include: wrestling, watching TV & Youtube, and listening to the radio.




  • I interact with many people during my work shift (coworkers, guests, manager). It can be difficult at times to work up the confidence to provide great customer service/communication. Please help me by continuing to practice with me and praising me to build confidence.



  • Sometimes, I need to be reminded of the importance of showing professionalism in the workplace. You can help me by reminding me to always stand up straight and maintaining good posture. Also, at times when I get overwhelmed, I might yell to express my feelings. Please help me by being clear on tasks and regularly checking in to see how I am doing (while motivating me at the same time).


  •  I love my job and it makes me happy to see my coach happy as well! If my job coach does not have enthusiastic energy, I tend to feel unmotivated. You can help me by keeping me pumped up for work!

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