Employment Profile


Motivate My Closet

Job title:

Backroom Associate

Manager's name:

Cynthia Mercier

Employee ID #:


Updated on:

JUN 2022

Resources/ Visuals:

Job responsibilities:

Make sure that MMC looks its best for customers. I clean and sweep the floor. Also, I clean the outside of the store to make it look good. I am in charge of doing the sign spinning to attract customers to support the store, and I have store responsibilities which include clothes cycle and giving customer service.

Uniform (Dress Code):

- Green Motivate My Closet t-shirt
- name tag
- black belt
- black dress pants
- black dress shoes

Daily Tasks:

●Group meeting- With Ms. Cynthia and all MMC staff.

● Put welcome signs in front of the entrance to the store.

● Sign Spinning

● Dust Windows

● Clean the windows

● Organize donations - go through donation bags and sort through what is sellable and what isn't. Items with holes, tears, stains, broken buttons, or zippers get thrown away. Any undergarments, like socks,
bras, and underwear get thrown away too.

● Clothing Cycle: Check in with Ms. Cynthia to see what clothing items she wants to cycle. Go through the back stock clothes and gather the specified clothes. Price them, red tag for regular clothes, blue tag for name brand. put them on hangers or fold them and switch out the old ones with the new ones.

● Exterior Clean-up: Sweep the entrance and the parking lot in front of CM and MMC.

● Interior clean-up: Go through each aisle of the store, following a snake pattern, and sweep the floor.

● Store responsibilities: Work on the cash register, quality control, and recovery, go around to each of the aisles, make sure all items of clothing are in place and folded neatly, and all items are in the correct locations.

Special Instructions:

● When putting the signs out: Grab with the left hand, grab with the right hand, bend knees and lift. when picking up the signs.

● Sign Spinning: You will need water bottles, fans, hats, signs, a speaker, and a timer. Take a break every 20 seconds to praise and have some water before returning to spinning.

● Dusting windows: grab the duster from the fitting room, and dust the windows from left to right, starting from in front of CM and moving to MMC. Go around each of the edges of the top windows, and count out loud, 1,2,3,4. After 2 windows shake out the duster against the
wall in the bushes and count to 5.

● Follow the CM method when cleaning windows: top to bottom left to right.

● Follow the 3-2-1 method when sweeping the outside of the store.

Areas of Improvement:

● Confidence: Support Aeliya by having a confident smile and eye contact with coworkers, customers, and coaches. This will help her to keep growing professionally and have the desire to learn more tasks.

● Customer service: It's important to keep practicing customer service. This will help not only our customers, but it will also help the store to continue having new customers. This will provide us with a job and hours so we can continue practicing work skills for our future dream job.

● Urgency: Any workplace will require a fast pace at the job site. It's important to get all tasks done and make our managers feel proud of our hard work and dedication. Let’s keep practicing being fast while keeping ourselves professionals.