Employment Profile


99 Cents Only Store

Manager's name:

Mr. Richard

Job title:

Store Associate

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Go-backs, opening new merchandise boxes, stocking, collecting carts.

Uniform (Dress Code):

• Black or blue pants.
• Name tag.
• Black or blue dress shirt.
• Non-slip black shoes.
• Face mask.
• Pink 99 Cents Store vest.

Daily Tasks:

• Alejandro first walks in and greets his coworkers and managers. He clocks in by clicking "start shift" and then entering his employee ID.

• Alejandro first starts with go-backs. Alejandro gets a shopping cart and fills it with the go-back items. Alejandro pushes the cart around the store and puts the items back.

• Alejandro assists customers on the sales floor. Customers will ask his help to find items in the store. Alejandro will take the customer to the right aisle and help them find the items.

• Alejandro will collect carts. He needs to put on the orange vest at the front of the store hung up next to the cashier stands. He needs the cart clicker (unlocks the carts when the wheels lock). They keep it in the safe to prevent them from losing it. Alejandro needs to ask the cashier to call for a manager so they can unlock the safe.

• Alejandro collects carts and then puts away his vest and has the cashier call for a manager again so they can put the cart clicker back into the safe.

• Alejandro takes a 10-minute break, usually around 1:15.

• Once he finishes go-backs, Alejandro checks in with his manager, Mr. Richard, on what he would like Alejandro to do next.

• Mr. Richard will place boxes of new merchandise on a dolly cart for Alejandro to stock.

• Alejandro uses a box cutter to open the boxes. Make sure Alejandro stands on the side of the box and cuts left to right, away from his body, not towards himself. Make sure no customers are passing by while he is cutting open the box. Have Alejandro put the box cutter back into his pocket right after opening the box.

• Alejandro unpacks the new merchandise and stocks them on the shelves.

• Alejandro checks in with the manager. Mr. Richard may give him more boxes to stock.

• If Alejandro has a few extra minutes, complete more go-backs.

Special Instructions:

Areas of Improvement:

Additional Information:

• When pushing the cart around the store, Alejandro tends to put all his weight onto just a few fingertips on the cart handle. Front-load him before he pushes the cart each time to hold the cart handle with his whole hand to maintain a firm grip. This will prevent his fingers from slipping and falling. Redirect him as he pushes the cart to maintain his grip.

• Alejandro can walk fast and push the cart fast around the aisles. The store is usually busy and crowded. To prevent any injuries or collisions, front load Alejandro to walk carefully around the store. Front-load him when leaving an aisle to look "left, right, left" just like he would crossing a street.

• Alejandro is eager to help customers in the store. Alejandro might quickly tell a customer the item is $1.00 if they ask. Make sure Alejandro looks for a price tag or sign first so he does not give out wrong information. When customers ask Alejandro where an item is, he might quickly tell them an aisle number without being 100% sure. Help Alejandro provide customer service by checking the aisle signs to see where the item most likely is, and have Alejandro guide the customer to the item.

• Alejandro displays challenges in maintaining his balance. Front-load him about being careful. Alejandro has a grabber stick he uses to pick up items on the floor so he does not have to bend over to pick them up. If an item is too big for the grabber, prompt him to ask you for help.

• When using the box cutter, remind Alejandro to stand on the side of the box and cut from left to right, away from his body, to prevent injury. Make sure customers are not walking by at that moment. Frontload Alejandro to cut the box slowly. Then remind him to put the box cutter away into his pocket right after.