Employment Profile


99 Cents Only Store

Manager's name:

Jane (Primary), Kevin or Paula (when Jane is absent)

Job title:

Store Associate

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

• Black or blue pants.
• Black or blue dress shirt.
• Non-slip black shoes.
• Blue 99 apron.
• Face mask.
• Orange safety vest (located at 99 at register).

Daily Tasks:

Task 1: Greet customers as they enter and leave store.

Task 2: Keep tally on paper of customers. 

Task 3: Make sure there is no trash in carts and inform management when trash cans are full.

Task 4: Clean dirty carts with bleach/water solution.

Task 5: Make sure customers abide to Covid-19 store regulations. If they do not, inform management inside and let them handle it.

Special Instructions:

Areas of Improvement:

Additional Information:

• Bathroom code 13579. 
• Never chase a customer who stole. It is store policy to let them go, but get as many details as possible.
• Break typically is around 10:30. Must get a replacement greeter during this time.