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99 Cents Store

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Updated on:

JUN 2022

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Job responsibilities:

Make sure everything is clean and organized at the store. Also, be responsible for the go-backs. Sometimes works on stocking items.

Uniform (Dress Code):

- Blue work pants
- Non-slippery shoes
- 99 Cents work shirt

Daily Tasks:

● Clock in
● Ask the manager where she would like me to start.
● Check carts about 3-4 times a day
● Go backs (I am responsible for it)
● Sometimes manager asks me to help stock items
● 49: Sweep the floor every hour

Special Instructions:

● Remind me to ask the manager if she needs help stocking items.
● Give me suggestions when choosing what is my next task.
● 49: Sweep the floor. Is really important to keep the store clean and

Areas of Improvement:

● Remind me the importance of having communication with the manager.
● Priority of tasks when the manager asks me to do something.
● Remind me to practice breathing exercises when I get frustrated
and take it slow.
● Give me options when is difficult to make a decision.