Employment Profile


Motivate My Closet

Manager's name:


Job title:

Store Associate

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

● Bandana (Green, Black)
● MMC Shirt
● Black Pants
● Black Belt
● Black Socks
● Name tag

Daily Tasks:

● Pre-Meeting
● Put out signs, banners, and sweater racks
● Sweep front entrance of CM, MMC, and parking lot
● Sign Spinning
● Gather, organize supplies, and put together new coaches bags and emergency
vehicle kits (6-8)
● Take out the trash, in all of CM offices and MMC
● Clean all windows
● Dust - mannequins, blocks they stand on, around windows, shelves, anywhere
● Fold clothes
● Go through the discount bun, gather damaged clothing for “free bags” give to ExD to
put on Offer Up
● Sweep/Mop
● Manager Cynthia will also provide tasks

Special Instructions:

● Encourage me to continue wiping my mouth with my bandana
● Communication - word by word method
● Customer Service
● Eye Contact

Areas of Improvement:

● Staying Focused
Sometimes I get distracted by things or people around me, redirect me to stay focused on our task and continue working.

● Eye Contact
Sometimes I do not provide eye contact when receiving instructions or being asked questions, redirect me to maintain eye contact.

● Money Management
I am learning how to use the cash register at MMC, and help me practice how to give the correct amount of change during transactions.

Additional Information: