Employment Profile


El Pollo Loco

Manager's name:


Job title:

Dining Room Attendant

Employee ID #:

5355 369 PW: 5355 0442

Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

• El Pollo Loco t-shirt
• Black long pants
• El Pollo Loco hat
• Non-slip shoes
• Clean shaved face always
• Short fingertip nails
• Make sure his clothes are clean. When the color starts fading advocate for him and request a new shirt or hat.

Daily Tasks:


• Greet the staff and manager
• Wash hands
• Clock in first, then answer Covid19 Screening and check the temperature.
• Ask the manager for a deep cleaning task of the day.
• Check drinks
• Taking out trash (checking for kitchen trash as well)
• Sweeping parking lot (take one small bad and one large bag, the large bag is for the trash in the patio)
• Check, stock and clean restrooms
• Clean windows
• Clean/wash concrete
• Clean patio tables
• Check for ice
• Take the trash out again
• *** we add any deep cleaning tasks in between others***
• Check out with the manager

Special Instructions:

Areas of Improvement:

• Professional language
• Posture
• Speed
• Customer service (asking to take trash and refilling drinks)

Additional Information: