Employment Profile


El Pollo Loco

Manager's name:


Job title:

Lobby Assistant

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Maintain a clean lobby, clean parking lots, provide customer service, and provide assistance to the manager.

Uniform (Dress Code):

EPL shirt, hat, nametag, black slip-resistant shoes, black work pants.

Daily Tasks:

• Prep the mop bucket with hot water. Take it to the patio. Sweep patio and parking lot first and then mop the patio with the hot water he just prepped. (Use green mop)

• Continue by sanitizing and sweeping the lobby. Re-stock napkins and straws in the lobby and sanitize the soda machine area.

• Clean the restroom, sanitize the doors and handles, and stock any items that are needed.

• Once he is finished with that, clean glass door windows and if there are stains on the windows only wipe over the area that is needed to be cleaned. Use "spik and span" to clean/wipe glass windows.

• Prep serrano peppers, you will need 1 rectangular container, small plastic bags, serrano peppers, and scissors. Put 1 serrano in each bag. Finish off by creating a label.

• Prep lemons into salsa cups. You need 1 rectangular container, cups and lids, and lemons. Put 1 in each cup. Finish off by creating a label.

Special Instructions:


Areas of Improvement:

Working with a sense of urgency. Having confidence when providing customer service. Remind him to keep a good posture.

Additional Information: