Employment Profile


TJ Maxx

Manager's name:


Job title:

Sales Floor/ Non-apparel associate

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Recovery and go-backs in the beauty/accessories department.

Uniform (Dress Code):

• Semi formal blouse.
• Jeans with no rips or holes.
• Non slip shoes.
• TJ Maxx name tag.

Daily Tasks:

• Erika first goes to the associate check in table in the front of the store and shows her manager her completed Covid survey. Erika does her Covid survey on her phone before arriving at work.
• Erika then does her temperature check and signs her name in the book. CM staff also does a temperature check and signs on the non associate page.
• Erika goes to the break room and puts her purse away in the lockers and clocks in on the computer.
• Erika then checks in with the manager at the front behind the cashiers to see what she will be working on that day and to check her scheduled break times.
• Erika works on the following depending on what her manager assigns her:
- When Erika does recovery, she brings a shopping cart to help her reorganize. Do not fill up the cart
with merchandise, just use it to place a few items in at a time.
- When Erika does go-backs, use a shopping cart and push it throughout the aisles when putting
merchandise back.
- For recovery, most items in the aisles are organized left to right, small to big, and by color or brand.
For Lingerie recovery, Erika checks to make sure each item is correctly on their hangers and in the
correct size section. Erika picks up any misplaced items on the floor and places them in the correct
- For lingerie, the size sections are in a "snake" pattern on the racks. The size sections carry on from the
rack on the other side. Do not reorganize the sizing.
• When it is time for Erika to clock out, check out with her manager first.

Aisle information: (Erika has this information on a visual she takes to work)

Makeup aisle- 88
Makeup palettes, makeup, beauty tools
*Categorized by item/theme

‘Beauty tools’ section of makeup aisle- 87
*Categorized by item/theme

Diffusers on end of makeup & skincare aisles- 73

Skincare aisle- 88
Toners, serums, makeup removers, eye creams, moisturizers, cleansers, foot products, dental products
*Categorized by brand and then by size

‘Beauty essentials’ section of skin care aisle- 73
*Categorized by brand and then by size

Toothbrush section at end of skincare aisle-73

Beauty marquee- 87
Tweezers, sponges, filers, clippers, cleansing brushes, face razors

Bath & Body- 73
Body wash, lotion, hand wash, scrubs, soaps
*Categorized by color and then by size

Body wash, hand soap, shower gel, salts, lotions, scrubs
*Categorized by color and then by size

Second half of Spa aisle ‘makeup tools and face tools’- 87
Ice face bags, facial steamers, cosmetic mini fridge, stone beauty rollers, tweezers, blemish remover tool sets, foot filers.
*Categorized by themes

Clearance aisle- red tag means clearance

Lingerie- 50
Bras, sports bras, underwear
*Categorized by brand and then by size

Haircare- 90
Shampoo, conditioner, hair products, hairdryers, heat tools (straighteners and curlers)
*Categorized by theme, brand, and then size

Hair Accessories- 87
Hair caps, hair masks, shower caps

Perfume- 89
*Categorized by brand and then by size

Special Instructions:

Areas of Improvement:

Additional Information:

• Do not use shopping carts for anything except reorganizing aisles (recovery) or go-backs. Do not leave shopping carts out in the store. Always take them with you. Management does not like unattended shopping carts on the sales floor.

• CM made a TJ Maxx visual that Erika takes with her every day for work that has the information above.