DAT 2021


Employment Profile:

Erika Valadez



Del Taco, El Pollo Loco

Job title:

Team Member (Del Taco)

Job responsibilities:

Provide customer service, maintain and clean/stocked lobby, wash trays, clean restroom, take out the trash, sweep parking lot, etc.

Manager's name:


Employee ID #:



• Red Del Taco promo shirt
• Del Taco name tag
• Black long pants
• Black belt
• Del Taco black hat
• Non-slip shoes (MANDATORY)
• Clean shaved face always
• Short fingertip nails
• Make sure his clothes are clean


• Erika clocks in with Employee ID.
• Erika must greet Managers and her coworkers!
• Quickly sweep the parking lot and drive thru area. Use GREEN broom to sweep all trash. Watch for
• Lobby. This is Erika’s priority! She should be checking the lobby every 10 minutes. She cleans the
tables, sweeps the floor, stocks all salsa packets and cleans soda machine. THIS INCLUDES ALWAYS PROVIDING BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!
• Lobby Tables. Del Taco provides 2 versions of sanitation chemicals. One is a YELLOW disinfectant
spray bottle and the other is a RED bucket with sanitizer water. Participant should spray 2 sprays
directly on the folded pink towel to clean the table and rinse the pink towel in the RED sanitation
bucket after. She must rinse pink towel for every table.
• Trash lids. Erika quickly cleans the tops of the trash with YELLOW spray bottle and BROWN paper
towels. Take trays to dishes.
• Sweeping. Erika must use the GREEN broom for the lobby. Coach and participant should NEVER
pick up anything off the ground with hands.
• Soda Machine. Erika should check the soda machine is clean from soda spills, she may use the
same pink towels used on tables. She should check/stock all salsa and seasoning packets. *if customers leave clean unused salsa packets on tables, Manager does not want them thrown away.
• If Erika needs to restock lemons from the salsa bar, make sure she washes hands (20 sec), wears
gloves and cut lemons in the back.
• Erika restocks salsa packets on lobby tables. Try to keep them organized and nicely stacked.
• Windows. Erika will use the same YELLOW disinfectant spray and paper towel roll to clean windows and glass doors. Make sure there are no fingerprints on glass.
• Check Lobby and provide customer service! Erika should be greeting guests, collecting their trays,
and providing guests with anything they need. Make sure she is making eye contact and smiling!
• Dishes. Erika may be asked to wash dishes. Make sure she fills each sink according to the fill line
labeled on sinks. Erika should take no more than 10 minutes as she needs to check the lobby immediately. SO RACE HER to wash quickly! When all dishes are cleaned and put away, leave sink area
• Check Lobby and provide customer service! Erika should be greeting guests, collecting their trays,
and providing guests with anything they need. Make sure she is making eye contact and smiling!
• Restrooms. To clean restrooms Erika needs *Gloves, *GREEN broom/dustpan, *brown paper towel
roll, *RED Label restroom cleaner, *YELLOW disinfectant spray. *small trash bag roll, *GREEN mop ,
*GREEN mop bucket with floor cleaner and YELLOW caution signs.
• For each restroom Erika sweeps, cleans toilet, sink, hand rails, doors, takes out trash and mops.
Trash from the restrooms is very little, so she should throw both bags in lobby trash bin.
• Trash. Erika needs gloves and large trash bags. She needs to restock 2 bags per bin. Start with entrance trash, and push outside to other entrance door. NEVER PUSH TRASH THROUGH LOBBY!
• Final Lobby check. Make sure Erika provides customer service, all tables and soda machine are
clean, all salsa bar is stocked and floor is swept.
• Erika should check with manager to mop the lobby floor. Make sure she lays out the YELLOW
CAUTION SIGNS FIRST then start mopping in the same route as sweeping.
• If Erika still has a couple minutes prior to clocking out, check the back room to throw away any additional boxes/trash.
• Erika must find her manager and ask if there is anything else she needs to do, THEN ask if she may
clock out. Make sure she makes eye contact and says, “Thank You!” when her manager grants her
• Erika should say goodbye to staff and manager!




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