Employment Profile


Del Taco

Manager's name:

Arnulfo Cendejas

Job title:

Lobby Assistant

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Take out the trash, sweep mop, clean restrooms, lobby, tables, chairs, cash register, patio, and windows.

Uniform (Dress Code):

● Black pants
● Red or green Del Taco shirt
● Black belt
● Black socks
● Black non-slip shoes

Daily Tasks:

● Evert checks his entrance when he arrives.
● Take out the trash and break down the boxes.
● Wash the dishes
● Clean the tables and chairs in the lobby and take out the trash again.
● Clean patio tables and take out the trash outside
● Clean the bathrooms
● Clean lobby windows
● Clean the cash register area
● Clean refrigerator doors
● Sweep and mop the lobby.

Special Instructions:

● Evert needs to greet customers, smile all the time, and provide great customer service.
● We need to encourage him to be more confident and friendly with his co-workers.

Areas of Improvement:

● Motivation
Provide a lot of praise and motivation to keep me working, high fives and fist bumps work really well.

● Customer Service
Encourage me to continue practicing the 4 Core Customer Skills, especially sharing a smile.

Additional Information:

The coach needs to work with Evert and team up with Evert so he doesn't get distracted.