Employment Profile


ROSS + Del Taco

Manager's name:

Marcus, Aaron, Kelly

Job title:

Store Associate

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

• Name badge
• Shirt
• Pants/jeans
• No open toe shoes
• Does not have to be black non-slip shoes.

Daily Tasks:

Task 1 Restroom Sanitation/Cleaning:

Freddy cleans the men and women restrooms every hour. He gathers his supplies: 2 towels, one for the toilet and the other for everything else. He also takes the spray with the blue disinfectant label and also a writing utensil to sign the check list located on the wall. If the floors are dirty, especially around the urinals and toilets, then Freddy can mop the floors. He gets the mop and the bucket, the water faucet is located in the stock room. Sometimes it is locked so you will need to ask the keyholder ,which is usually the
manager, if he can unlock it. The cleaner used for the floors is in a plastic bottle, the fluid is green colored.

Task 2 Shoe Setting:

There are three sections for shoes, women's at the front of the entrance, kids near the restrooms, and men's to the left of the entrance. Marcus will usually let you know which sections need attention. Freddy straightens the shoes and makes sure that the section looks neat. He also dusts and wipes down, if needed, the shoe displays if they are very dusty. If Freddy finds an incomplete set of shoes then he gets a tag from the backroom and fills it out. He then tapes it to the inside of the shoe and returns it to the top right of the shoe display rack on the sales floor. This is in case the other shoe is found and it can be set with the tagged shoe.

Task 3 "Snaking" Clothes Section:

Marcus will ask Freddy which section of clothes to work on, it will usually be the women's section. Freddy brings his cart with him so he has somewhere to hang the hangers and misplaced clothing. Freddy goes through each aisle of the clothing section and picks up any clothes off the floor and hangs them back up in the correct area. Freddy keeps an eye out for any clothes that are misplaced based on their size such as having a medium shirt in the large section. Freddy takes any empty hangers and places them on his cart. The tags abbreviate the type of clothing as well as where it should go such as L/S knit is the abbreviation for long sleeve knit so that piece of clothing will go to that section in the correct size area.

Task 4 Cleaning Mirrors:

Freddy cleans and dusts the mirrors found mostly in the clothing sections. Freddy uses paper towels and the blue Windex style spray to clean each mirror. If the mirror looks clean then Freddy does not have to do it.

Task 5 Cleaning Displays:

Freddy will be asked to clean certain displays, whether it be in the cosmetics area, the front end, or the shoe racks as mentioned earlier. Freddy may need to move the merchandise off the rack to properly clean the displays. Usually the duster is enough to clean but if it is really dirty then Freddy may use the appropriate spray depending on the surface that needs to be cleaned. Use the broom and dustpan to clean up any clumps of dust off the floor.

Task 6 Store Walk:

Prior to taking his break Freddy has to do a store walk. The purpose of the store walk is to lower shrink but also tidy up areas and look for tags/alarms. Freddy starts at the front of the store and then moves towards the men's section. He may want to pick up every item off the floor but that is not necessary. If a spill is found then it will need to be cleaned before going to break.

Task 7 Clean the breakroom:

Freddy gets a towel and his blue disinfectant spray. He also needs disinfectant wipes for the computers. Freddy uses the spray on the vending machines, the sink, microwaves, and the tables. Use the broom and dustpan to clean under the tables, there is usually trash down there.

Special Instructions:

Freddy clocks in at the front, and then he takes his temperature. Someone at the register usually does it for him. Freddy signs his name on a sheet at the register. Coach also does the temperature check and signs off on a folder located to the side of the front exit.

Marcus usually has some tasks in mind for Freddy so check in with him. Below are all the tasks that Freddy has done so far.

Areas of Improvement:

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