DAT 2021


Employment Profile:

Jeffrey Ogden



El Pollo Loco

Job title:

Service Assistance

Job responsibilities:

Provide customer service, maintain a clean lobby, clean salsa bar/stock cups, and lids, stock soda lids and straws, clean windows, take out trash, clean parking lot, etc.

Manager's name:

Ernesto (GM), Jay (Asst. Manager)

Employee ID #:




COVID-19 Procedures

• Greet the staff and manager
• Before Jeffrey clocks in, he MUST wash his hands for 20 seconds, and sign his initials to check off that he had washed his hands. (coach as well)
(Throughout his shift, Jeffrey has to wash his hands every 30 minutes, and then put on a fresh pair of gloves.)
• Jeffrey must then put on clear gloves located by the registers. He can not touch the registers with his bare hands. (coach as well)
• Once Jeffrey finishes, the computer will print out his results. Then, Jeffrey can proceed to clock in. Jeffrey must take his test results and present them to the manager. The manager will then look over it and put it away in a file. The manager will then check Jeffrey's temperature. The manager will also check the coach's temperature as well.
• Start with wiping down the tables and napkin containers
• Sweep the Bathrooms and dining room
• Vacuum the carpets
• Clean the bathrooms
• Sweep the parking lot.
• Prep 6 containers of the avocado and house salsas
• Pico de gallo or salsa roja if they need it
• Ask Manager if anything else is needed/finish around 12:45
• Check of the dining room again before going on break around 1 pm
• Jeffrey takes his 10 min break by 1 pm
• Take out the trash
• Sanitized lobby/bathrooms
• Check out with the manager




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