Employment Profile


TJ Maxx

Manager's name:

Job title:

Backroom Associate

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Sensors purses, sensors shoes, sensors luggage, sensors fragrances, assemble furniture, lays out clothes.

Uniform (Dress Code):

Daily Tasks:

COVID-19 Procedures:

• Greet the staff and manager
• Go to the table on the side of the store and get the temperature checked. Sign the document (job coach needs to get temperature checked/sign the document too)
• Grab a new face mask
• Clock in at the break room
• Head to the backroom and check in with the backroom coordinator (Quetta). She will let Josiah know his first task.
• Process clothing from boxes and lay in piles on the conveyor belt
• Unbox & tag furniture and luggage
• Sensor shoes and put in the appropriate size box
• Sensor purses according to price
• Hang clothing with appropriate size tags
• Organize perfume alarm boxes
• Throw trash away
• Clean up work station
• Check out with backroom coordinator (Quetta)
• Clock out

Special Instructions:

● Can clock in 1min early, walk to back room and speak to Quetta or manager on
● No phones allowed!
● Must wear wrist watch.
● Code CF: Josiah must walk through 5 departments and provide customer
service. Josiah's goal is to approach 5 customers.

Areas of Improvement:

● Communication with coworkers
● Work speed
● Approaching customers

Additional Information:

Door pad entry: 66407