Employment Profile


El Pollo Loco, Marshall's

Manager's name:

El Pollo Loco:
• Maria (GM, Melissa, Wendy

• Karina, Chris, Stacey

Job title:

Team Member (El Pollo Loco)
Store Associate (Marshall's)

Employee ID #:

El Pollo Loco: 98

Marshall's: 993722193

Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

El Pollo Loco:
• Black EPL T-shirt
• EPL name tag
• EPL black hat
• Black pants
• Black Belt
• Black socks
• Non Slip Shoes

• Non slip shoes
• Business casual attire
• No logos on shirts or see through tops
• Store name tag
• NO bleached /torn/ embellished jeans/pants; jeans only on employee approved days

Daily Tasks:

El Pollo Loco:
• Kendall clocks in with Employee ID:98. Coach should watch and guide her to clock in properly.
• Kendall must greet Managers and coworkers!
• Kendall begins with sweeping the outside entrance and patio area.
• She needs to scrub the entrance, patio, dumpster, concrete areas with black scrub brush with mixture
of degreaser (purple liquid) and hot water. Scrub trash “juice” stains dried on concrete. Use GREEN
squeegee to push water onto parking lot.
• Start with “Top 3” tasks. # Clean Lobby. #2 Clean/Stock salsa Bar. #3 Sweep “big” trash. These are
HER RESPONSIBILITIES. These main tasks are repeated hourly and in between other tasks. This
includes Kendall smiling and greeting customers who are entering/exiting the restaurant, collecting
trays from customers and providing any items customers need. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ALWAYS!
• Lobby. Kendall is responsible for cleaning tables. Start cleaning tables on left side of the restaurant
and work around the store (like a square) then work into the center (island). She needs a sanitizer
bucket AND a black tray. Make sure she is collecting all table crumbs on tray to avoid extra sweeping. MUST RINSE RAG FOR EVERY TABLE!
• Collect used trays from the lobby and put in dirty dishes in back sink. Leave 1 for when she cleans
tables/salsa bar again.
• For every 4 TABLES, Kendall needs to check the salsa bar ASAP. Must take tray with her to
clean trash/food from salsa bar.
• Salsa Bar. Before she refills the salsa bar, Kendall should ALWAYS WASH HANDS (20 Seconds)
AND WEAR GLOVES. Coach can help her take salsa out as well, so wear gloves too!
• Make sure she cleans the salsa bar before and after she refills the salsas ONLY USING BROWN
NAPKINS and use black tray to collect food/trash. DO NOT USE GREEN RAG INSIDE SALSA
• There are double salsa pitchers in the refrigerator by register. If there is none, Kendall is responsible
to prep all pitchers. 2 avocado salsa, 2 salsa Pico and 1 of each for jalapeno, onion, cilantro, salsa roja, salsa house. Refill when doubles are empty for next use in the back refrigerator.
• She also needs to make LABELS for each pitcher she’s prepped. She needs the register on the
home clock in screen and selects BLACK button saying “LABELS.” She enters his ID and selects
salsa/ingredients. For each one select “Salsa bar Refrigerator” as well as how many labels she
needs for each salsa/ingredient.(ex. 2 labels for pico because she has 2 pico pitchers) The labels
print out by drive in register screen.
• Kendall should constantly stock the salsa cups and lids. Salsa cups SHOULD NOT be overstocked.
• Kendall needs to sweep “Big” trash from the floor. ONLY USE GREEN BROOM FOR LOBBY.
Coach can help with dustpan. Same route as tables, start sweeping from left of store and work
around the restaurant. “3-2-1” should be the pace sweeping floor crumbs.
• DO NOT PICK UP ANYTHING OFF THE FLOOR WITH HANDS. Kendall needs to sweep everything
that falls on the floor with GREEN BROOM.
• After she has swept the lobby, on the way to return the green broom to the back, have her check the
restrooms for sweeping. This will keep restrooms tidy enough until she cleans them after the rush.
• Soda Machine. Kendall uses the green rag from sanitizer bucket to wipe down the soda machine
and counter. She stocks all the condiment packets, soda lids, straws and all napkin dispensers. These
need to be stocked at all times. (Items located in back closet)
• Windows. Kendall cleans the glass entrance door, store windows and back patio door. brown paper
towels and spic n’ span spray bottle.*Pollo Loco “laminates” their windows with a special film that will
ruin windows if other chemicals are used. ONLY USE SPIC N SPAN SPRAY.
• Kendall should go back and do “Top 3” tasks! Make sure she is always smiling, greeting guests and
providing customer service.
• If all tables are occupied, encourage Kendall to provide service by bringing utensils, napkins, to-go
boxes, bags or clear tables for guests.
• Trash. Kendall must be wearing gloves, needs 5 trash bags and only uses the big portable trash (by
the dishes sink) to put all lobby trash in. Start with the trash closest to salsa bar. Each bin needs 2
trash bags. Continue to trash closest to entrance door and move it outside towards patio.
THE LOBBY. Use the patio door to reach other trash bins and handle trash outside. Take to dumpster, make sure lids are shut.
• Kendall should go back and do “Top 3” tasks! Make sure she is always smiling, greeting guests and
providing customer service.
• Restrooms. To clean restroom, Kendall needs GREEN broom, dust pan, Spic n’ Span spray and
must wear gloves. Use brown paper towels from restrooms.
• Before walking in, Kendall needs to say, “Restroom Check!” to avoid accidental walk in.
• She check for toilet paper, hand soap, toilet seat covers and brown paper towels.
• Kendall sweeps the restroom floor, cleans sink, toilet, hand rails, toilet seat cover frame and restrooms doors.
• Check your “Top 3” tasks again for the final time. Kendall needs to make sure everything is cleaned,
stocked and put away nicely before she clocks out. Manager may check and ask her to go back if a
task was not completed.
• Once all areas are clean and stocked, Kendall may ask her manager if she can clock out. She should
make eye contact, stand straight and speak loud and clearly when she asks. She should always respond with “Thank you” when allowed to clock out.

• Kendall clocks in with Employee ID.
• Kendall must greet Managers and her coworkers!
• She checks in with back room coordinator on what she’ll be working on that day. She needs to finish assigned tasks before her shift ends. For all processes make sure Kendall sets up a trash bin. She should throw all trash away when she is finished.
• Customer service, “I Care Walk”. Kendall must walk through the 5 departments and provide customer service. Her goal is to approach 5 customers. Kendall should always greet “Good Morning/Afternoon!” “Hello welcome to Marshalls!” “Are you finding everything okay?” and attend to customers if they need any assistance finding anything. She has to clean up the areas assigned to her, recover any items (in and not in the section), place them in the right area/shelf, and make room for new merchandise. For any new
merchandise 19.99 and above, she has to write a price code on the box in ink (round up the
number). We did this together. She looks at all the prices and reads them off, to see if they need
a code or not.

Special Instructions:

El Pollo Loco:
• Managers need the coach to be actively supporting the participant. Coach should greet customers,
be smiling and provide great customer service as well.
• Every Wednesday Kendall’s new work schedule comes out and ready to view in the back room
touch screen. Help her read his schedule.
• Every other Wednesday Kendall gets paid. Check in with manager for his paycheck, but have her
ask manager for it.
• Guide Kendall to identity items by reading words, color or symbols so that she may learn where and
what products/items are.
• When providing customer service, Kendall needs to make eye contact with the customer and is smiling when doing so.
• When coach says “Door,” Kendall should respond with the store greeting for guests. “Welcome to El
Pollo Loco!” Practice that with her.

• Kendall’s schedule gets put out every Friday. Check her schedule in the breakroom every shift, and take a picture of it. Teach her to read her schedule and program it in her phone calendar.
• Marshall’s paydays are on Fridays. Kendall should check in with the front register and ask for it.
• Managers need the coach to be actively supporting the participant. Coach should greet customers, be smiling and provide great customer service as well.
• Working with a sense of urgency is MANDATORY! Kendall should increase her productivity.
• Kendall and coach MUST provide customer service when working on the sales floor. Encourage her to make proper eye contact when greeting staff and customers
• Coach should help Kendall memorize store departments. Coach should take pictures and make visuals for her to memorize store layout.

At the end of her shift, Kendall should always check in with her supervisor/manager to let them know she’s leaving and that she finished task/cleaned her area. If she didn’t finish, to let them know what she worked on that day.

Areas of Improvement:

El Pollo Loco:
• Kendall is a hard worker! Motivate her to tell you her next task! Encourage her to learn all her duties.
• Kendall can become overwhelmed and may panic. Lift her spirits from being negative to positive
through praise and motivation! She enjoys high fives and excitement from her coach! Always compliment her efforts. Assure her that she is doing a great job!
• Tell her SHE IS IN CHARGE of how clean and neat the store looks! It builds her confidence and really makes her take initiative in completing her tasks.
• Guide Kendall to be confident when providing customer service. She can be shy. Motivate and praise
her to keep eye contact and smile.
• Kendall may get distracted and want to talk about non work related subjects. Guide her to stay focused and have her work for fun conversations after work.
• “3-2-1!” countdown pushes her to stay focused when she is slowing down or not responding, especially when cleaning tables and sweeping the lobby. “3-2-1!” will make her alert and keep the pace
going. SET THE PACE! She knows how to do her job.
• Check for understanding when giving Kendall instructions. Coach should ask her if it’s “THUMBS
UP? GOOD/YES!” or “THUMBS DOWN? BAD/NO!” as a technique for her to respond and understand directions.
• Kendall should respond with “My pleasure” not “you’re Welcome.” when attending to customers.

• Motivate Kendall to be confident and use her words. Teach her to communicate with staff if she needs help. Kendall has improved a lot in her communication with coach and coworkers. She communicates greetings in the morning, when she's done with a task, when she needs help or clarifying how to do a task, and when she leaves for the day. She greets customers with her happy voice and a smile. Kendall works on multiple projects in one shift, and they want her to change tasks every hour at least. Her supervisor or manager for the day will check her work before she changes tasks or before she leaves for the day.
• Asking for help when she doesn't understand instructions from manager/supervisor: coach always needs to break down the task and check for her understanding.
• Getting familiar with the layout of the departments, esp the toy and children's departments - she is in charge of these, cleaning up, doing recovery, condensing items, making space for new merchandise. She can forget where items are placed, but with repetition and knowing the layout, she can place the items in order/right shelf. Practice categorizing items: from "small to big," "left to right," "top to bottom," by size,
color, department number.
• Always check her work and leave her department areas cleaner, neater, and more organized to help customers and her coworkers.

Additional Information:

El Pollo Loco:
• Kitchen Door Code: Must push 2 & 4 at the same time, then push 3.

• Door Pad Entry: 17395