Employment Profile


Clear Motivations

Manager's name:

Norberto Colin

Job title:

ExD Media & Marketing Team

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

• Black ExD shirt.
• Name tag.
• Black dress pants.
• Black dress shoes.

Daily Tasks:

An email is sent out every morning on what his priorities for the day are. His manager may also let him know during his check-in every morning. Mag also needs to check out at the end of his shift with his manager in person. If the manager is not available, he can send an email.

Special Instructions:

Mag has a folder of guides that breaks down a task step-by-step. He can use these guides as a reference or reminder while working on that task, that way he doesn't miss any steps.

Areas of Improvement:

Mag can improve on his speed and grammar. You can help him by giving him hands-on tasks and having him gain practice using the computer mouse and keyboard. You can also help him by reviewing his work and asking him what can change/improve. Most of the time he knows the answer, he just needs that push or confidence to get there.

Additional Information: