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TJ Maxx

Manager's name:

· Maria (GM), Melody (Assistant Manager)
· Backroom Coordinator: Mr. Silver

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Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

Daily Tasks:

- Mara needs to check in with Mr. Silver in the backroom on the HomeGoods side after clocking in.
- When working in the HomeGoods department, Mara will be assigned to work in either the Kitchen, Decor, Miscellaneous/Dog, or Bedding/Soft departments.
- Mara needs to open each box and look for the department number located on the tag with the letter "D" followed by a number
This department number will determine where Mara will place the items on the racks.
- The racks are numbered accordingly by department number to determine where each item goes
- If an item is $29.99 or higher on the Kitchen side, Mara will need to round up the price and write it out with a silver Sharpie on the back of the item
- If help is not needed in the HomeGoods department, Mara will help out on the TJ Maxx side.
Some of the tasks include:
- Laying out clothes on the conveyor belt - she needs to add a piece of cardboard before laying out clothes
- Processing handbags and wallets - if the price of the item is $19.99 and up, she needs to sensor it

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