Employment Profile



Manager's name:

Serena, Ganelle, and Dakota

Job title:

Guest Advocate

Employee ID #:

7534037 Pin: 1201 (Clocks in at the backroom machines in front of lockers.)

Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

Daily Tasks:

Mark’s daily tasks include: using a loud and clear voice, keeping eye contact with customers, giving correct change, bagging customer's items, and making small talk with customers and coworkers.

Special Instructions:

Mark is very independent with his work, but may need some help with staying focused at times. Sometimes, others may cause a distraction, slowing him down in his lane. You may need to remind him to stay focused at times, and follow up with a fist bump. He loves waving to coworkers, but he may need to be reminded when it might be too frequent. Mark tends to want change in his drawer, sometimes more than needed. Remind him to try and ask for change only when there are 5 bills left, especially after his break. Remind him that if his break time or home time is coming up, change may not be needed. If security sensors are not properly working after 3 attempts, ask Mark if you can do it together, and remind him to do it lightly.

Areas of Improvement:

Mark’s areas of improvement include: making direct eye contact, staying focused at his lane or with other coworkers, staying calm if magnets aren’t working for security sensors, and answering customer's questions confidently.

Additional Information: