Employment Profile


Del Taco

Manager's name:

Arnulfo (GM), Rafael (Asst. Manager)

Job title:

Team Member

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

• Del Taco promo shirt
• Del Taco cap
• Del Taco name tag
• Black pants
• Black belt
• Black socks
• Non slip shoes

Daily Tasks:

• Clock in
• Check-in with manager
• Wash hands
• Start with outside patio (tables and floor)
• Take out outside trash
• Clean windows
• Sanitized/clean lobby tables
• Sweep lobby floor
• Mop floor
• Clean cash register’s protected glass
• Take out lobby’s trash
• Clean bathrooms
• Wash dishes
• Check the patio and clean it if needed.
• Sanitized lobby
• Finish dishes
• Check out with the manager

Special Instructions:

• Matt’s weekly schedule comes out EVERY WEDNESDAY. It is located by (where he clocks in)
the computer area attached on a clip board. Teach him to read his schedule.
• Del Taco’s payday is EVERY OTHER FRIDAY. Check in with manager for Matt’s paycheck, but
have him ask manager for it.
• Managers need the coach to be actively supporting the participant. Coach should greet
customers, be smiling and provide great customer service as well.
• The kitchen at Del Taco has very limited space. Participant and coach should NEVER pass
through the kitchen area with any kind of chemicals. (Sanitizer bucket, sprays, mop bucket)
ALWAYS walk through the back side door that leads outside.
• The back side door that leads outside is also automatically locked. It is okay to stuff paper towels
on the door lock hinge to get access in and out. This is Del Taco manager approved.

Areas of Improvement:

• Matt needs lots of motivation! He could get uncomfortably shy but he responds well to giving him
a “round of applause,” fist bumps and high fives. Always smile and be positive with him. He will
shut down if he feels he’s not doing good or “forced” to do something.
• Customer service. Matt needs to focus on making eye contact and speaking to his managers and staff, especially when it is work related. He will provide customer service if you motivate him to try it and when he does, MAKE IT A BIG DEAL! Inspire him to be professional and confident! Every time it will become more natural for him. Prompt him to try again if he does not do so. Teach him to be professional.
• Speed. Matt will get comfortable and work slower if there is no motivation. Set the pace by making it a race! Matt is competitive and loves a challenge. Make it fun he will push himself! PRAISE HIM FOR WINNING!
• “3-2-1!” countdown pushes him to stay focused when he is slowing down or not responding, especially when cleaning tables and sweeping the lobby. “3-2-1!” will make him alert and keep the pace going. SET THE PACE! He knows how to do his job.
• Matt should respond with “My pleasure” not “you’re Welcome.” when attending to customers.

Additional Information: