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El Pollo Loco

Job title:

Service Assistant

Manager's name:

GM- Arely, Assistant Managers: Cynthia and Stephanie

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Updated on:

JUL 2022

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Job responsibilities:

Matt is responsible for maintaining the store looks its
best. He is responsible for cleaning the outside and inside of the store,
taking the trash out, and, is responsible for helping the manager with

Uniform (Dress Code):

EPL shirt, hat, nametag, black slip-resistant shoes, black work pants, and black belt.

Daily Tasks:

● Greet the staff and manager
● Wash hands (thereafter wash hands every 30 mins/ initial chart)
● Clock in first, then answer Covid19 Screening and check the
● Refilling Ice
● Throwing out trash and boxes
● Cleaning the Trash Corral
● Clean up the parking lot and drive-thru.
● Sweep the store.
● Sanitize lobby (doors, tables, counters)
● Check with the manager what other tasks she would like Matt to do
for the day*
● Take his 10-minute break
● Continue doing task manager requested
● Sanitize lobby
● Take out the trash around 1:30 pm
● Check out with the manager
Other tasks Matt may do depending manager’s request:
● Bag chips in a small chip bag and then put them into a tortilla bag
to ensure COVID safety.
● Bag tortillas. Two tortillas per tortilla bag for both corn and flour
● Fill sauces. Use either a slotted spoon or sauce pourer to fill little
sauce cups. Finished sauce cups may be placed in a large plastic
clear container without stacking. (Stacking makes less room).
Remember to have Matt create a label for the sauces from the
● Clean the stainless-steel walls. Use two separate green rags. One for
the cleaner, the other for the polish. Use the cleaner first and then
finish with the polish.
● Cut avocados. Use an avocado cutter to cut the whole avocado into
four pieces. cut each piece into 3 slices and remove them from the
skin. Place slices into wax paper, crimp closed and store in a

Special Instructions:

● Make sure to ALWAYS check in with the manager first before you
start the shift. Sometimes the lobby of the restaurant is closed, and
Matt doesn’t need to sweep, mope, or sanitize the lobby.
● If the lobby is closed after Matt takes the trash out and cleans
outside, he can do a quick sweep in the lobby but is not going to be
a priority.
● The area to pack is going to be on the left side of the hot-prep area.
● When taking the trash to the dumpster, make sure the lid is closed
(for inspection).
● Make sure to check in after coming back from the 10-minute break.
● Matt usually takes his 10-minute break around 11:30 am
● Matt has a new schedule every Wednesday. He will know where he
can see it.
● Matt gets paid every two weeks.

Areas of Improvement:

● Professionalism: Matt tends to ask to use the bathroom frequently
to stretch out the time. Remind him he can use the restroom before
he clocks in, at his 10-minute break, and after he finishes his shift. If
he needs to use it, use a timer, front load him, and give him 2

● Calm hands: Remind Matt that every time he scratches, touches his
head, or his nose he NEEDS to wash his hands. Even if he is wearing
gloves, that can be a hazard working with food. You can explain to
him that scratching is not professional, and customers can get

● Urgency: You can ask Matt: do you work at fast food or slow food? If
he answers fast, remind him that we want him to work that way. Why?
We need to complete our tasks on time and, we want to keep
learning new tasks. If we work fast, we can check in with the manager
and she or he can ask us to work on something new.