Employment Profile


El Pollo Loco

Manager's name:

Job title:

Service Assistant

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

● Black EPL Hat
● Name Tag
● EPL issued facemask
● EPL Shirt
● Black pants
● Non-Slip shoes
● Black belt
● Black socks

Daily Tasks:

COVID-19 Procedures:

• Greet the staff and manager
• Wash hands (thereafter wash hands every 30 mins/ initial chart)
• Clock in first, then answer Covid19 Screening and check the temperature.
• Wash hands
• Check soda boxes, replace them only if they are empty.
• Do a sanitation check for the front lobby and door handles.
• Check if restrooms need anything to be stocked. They are closed to the public for now, but they still need to be stocked for the FSA check.
• Check if the lobby floor needs to be swept, then move to the exterior parking lot/drive-thru for trash on the floor.
• While outside sweeping, check if the outside trash can is full.
• Clean/sanitized lobby
• Clean the restaurant's exterior walls and signs.
• If everything else is done, then Michael can start packing salsa and tortillas. Pack on the counter where the salsa bar used to be or on the metal table that is on wheels. The manager does not like it when workers pack on metal counters where the food is stored.
• Salsa should be prioritized over tortillas unless there are very few tortillas left.
• Michael can also help with handing out salsa for taking out orders and filling drinks, the coach will need to assist with this task a little more if the drive-thru soda station is busy.
• Fill ice for the drive-thru.
• Sweep the kitchen floor if it is dirty.
• Throw out any trash that is in the back.
• Clean up the packing area and put things away before clocking out.
• Check out with the manager

Special Instructions:

• Managers need the coach to be actively supporting the participant. The coach should greet
customers and provide great customer service as well.
• Every Wednesday Michael’s new work schedule comes out and ready to view on the touch screen. He
knows how to do it, help him take a good picture of his schedule on his phone so he may learn what
days/hours he works that week.!
• Every other Wednesday Michael gets paid. Check-in with the manager for his paycheck, but
have Michael ask for it.

Before starting the lobby, deep cleaning needs to be done:
• Monday- Sweep outside /clean green tile around outside restaurant’s wall /window frames
• Tuesday- Cleans walls in lobby/ chairs
• Wednesday- Sweep outside/clean inside baseboards/under trash cans

Areas of Improvement:

● Customer Service
I have a soft voice and need to be encouraged to stop what I am doing, use a loud voice and greet my customers.

● Posture
Sometimes I walk with slumped shoulders and my head down, encourage me to walk like a soldier, like “Mr. Michael” tall and proud!

● Communication
Sometimes I use one word to explain something or point to an object we are working on, prompt me to use full sentences, and communicate using my words.

Additional Information: