Employment Profile



Manager's name:

Layla (GM), Morena (BRC)

Job title:

Store Associate

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

• Non slip shoes
• Business casual attire
• No logos on shirts
• Store name tag
• NO bleached /torn/embellished jeans/pants

Daily Tasks:

• Nick clocks in with Employee ID.

• Nick must greet Managers and his coworkers!

• He checks in with his back room coordinator on what he’ll be working on that day. He needs to finish assigned tasks before his shift ends. Tasks may include:

Shoe Processing:
• Step 1: Cut lids from box
• Step 2: Put on movable rack. (Shoes-Department 25) is a big seller for Marshalls.
• Work needs to be done right the first time. Manager audits department often and when mistakes are
found (no sensor, no code, no ticket or size) it creates problems. It is extremely important to pay attention to this.

Ladies shoes:
• $18.99-$28.99 sensor only ,$29.99 and up need price code and sensor.
• Price code will be rounded to the next dollar. (e.g. $39.99 would be 040 on the bottom of the right shoe). If the sensor used is the small circular one, the sensor needs to go inside the shoe.

Kids shoes:
• $29.99 and up need sensor and price code

Men shoes:
• Same as kids. When in doubt always ask Andrea. Some shoes don't need sensor because they can be damaged.

• Nick checks shoes for audit time. He checks that every pair of shoes is processed correctly, and he
also looks for mismatched shoes. HIS GOAL is to not have any mismatched shoes in the shoe rack
or very few.

• Clearance Section. When doing Clearance, he needs to use best work practices: Work with a sense
of urgency-do the most with your time but do it right-, bring the cart you use next to you to avoid back
in forth while working, put there the shoes that need tags, sensors or are damaged and fix them after
fixing the shelves. While doing the shelves he needs to look for everything that is not in the right
place like shoes hanging on the sandals hooks, wrapping or tissue inside the shoes. The overall look
of the shoe department needs to be right for the customer.

• Nick makes tickets if need it. Check for accuracy since if a mistake is discovered, it will be marked.
This is done for training purposes or to check if associates are being careless. Coach is encouraged
to ask manager or coordinator to show him/her how to do it, to make sure Nick does it right.

• If tickets were found on the shelves, floors, etc. Keep them and return them to coordinator. They are
disposed in a different container.

• He may process luggage, sizing clothes or layup clothes. His main task is shoes but of course he
needs to follow directions from coordinator if his task changes. Always encourage him to go the extra
mile for his employer.

• Start cleaning up your work area five minutes before clocking out. Return everything where it belongs
and throw away any trash you found.

• When leaving the store, he needs to say good bye to the associate at the end register by the door
and open his back pack or any bag for them. This is for every associate. Marshalls policies. Manager
has noticed that he does not follow this.

Special Instructions:

• Clock in on time (work schedule). Nick usually clocks in three minutes before, but it is not advisable.
Time adds up. Rule is: on time or one minute before.

• Make sure Nick leaves everything inside his locker (Keys, backpacks, phone, etc.) Associates are not
allowed to have anything on the floor but a watch.

• There is a schedule by the managers office next to the stairs where Nick checks what he needs to
work on that day if manager does not give him a special task. The schedule is for the whole week
(e.g. Monday-Clearance, Tuesday-Men/Women Athletic, Thursday-Kids shoes. etc.)

• Nick is taking medicine. Sometimes he may have small accidents. He brings extra clothes in his
backpack just in case. Coach should communicate this to manager in the future if this ever happens
and Nick takes a long time in the bathroom. He has 15-minute break only if he works 4 or more

Areas of Improvement:

• Speed. Work needs to be done with a sense of urgency. Nick is capable of this. He needs encouragement and be reminded of it while working. Once again, speed is important, but ACCURACY is the key.

• Nick likes to talk a lot about personal matters while at work. Coach should reinforce not talking about
it neither engage in this type of conversation. Manager is disappointed about it. Coach should promote communication but only when answering questions about work or quizzing him about his department and best practices. Coach needs to practice with him learning more about the store, so he
can continue growing and advancing on his career.

• Make sure Nick looks presentable and follows Marshalls dress code. No blue jeans. No shirts or t-shirts with logos or sports attire. No head bands. Preferably clean shave but if he decides to grow his
beard it needs to be trimmed and look nice. Hair done (he does not like hair products, but it should be

• Nick can often say that he does not care about it when he is advised to change some of his ways.
Coach should always reinforce self-esteem and desire for personal growth. Motivate and be positive!

• Overall, Nick is very capable of doing more. Manager wants to help but coach needs to be on top of
everything for this to happen. Coach is encouraged to ask questions when in doubt to managers and
Employment First.

Additional Information:

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