Employment Profile


Del Taco

Manager's name:

Job title:

Team Member

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

● Del Taco Hat
● Name Tag
● Del Taco Shirt
● Black pants
● Non-Slip shoes
● Black belt
● Black socks

Daily Tasks:

● Wash hands before clocking in
● The first task, sweep outside, need broom, dustpan and trash bag
● Sweep the front entrance, make sure to sweep up trash and all leaves and debris
from the front
● Pick up and sweep trash around the parking lot
● Clean front entrance windows, you will need paper towels and multi-purpose spray
● Sweep and mop lobby
● To prepare a mop bucket you will need to fill it with the “green” button by the
cleaning storage area. And the green mop bucket.
● Clean restrooms, you will need paper towels, restroom cleaner.
● Wipe down all surfaces with spray and paper towels, check to make sure the restroom is fully stocked, sweep and mop, put up a wet floor sign.
● Take a break
● Do the dishes
● Take out the trash
● Check out with the manager

Special Instructions:

● Make sure to ask for my pen so I do not write on my hand at work
● Professionalism
● Positivity

Areas of Improvement:

● Professionalism
Remind me to maintain a professional attitude, actions, and conversations while I am at work.

● Customer Service
Make sure you are prompting me to provide customer service when I am working in the lobby.

● Positivity
Sometimes I can feel really frustrated, overwhelmed, or even sad, lots of praise and motivation helps me get on the right track.

Additional Information: