Employment Profile



Manager's name:

Jeffrey, Jocelyn, Mary

Job title:

Lobby Assistant

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

McDonald’s Hat, shirt, apron, and nametag. Black or navy work pants, and slip resistant shoes.

Daily Tasks:

• Greet the staff and manager.
• Wash hands.
• Clock in first, then answer COVID -19 Screening and check the temperature.
• Check with the manager if there’s anything specific they want him to start working on.
• Sweeps and mops the kitchen.
• Cleans parking lots and takes outside trash can trash out. (2 trash cans).
• Continue taking the trash out from the lobby.
• Clean and sanitize lobby tables and chairs.
• Sweep the lobby floor starting from the playground.
• Mop lobby floor.
• Oliver takes his break (10 mins).
• Cleans/mops restrooms and stocks them if needed.
• Sweeps and mops kitchen again if needed.
• Check out with the manager.

Special Instructions:

Areas of Improvement:

Additional Information: