Employment Profile



Manager's name:

Steve "Mr. Adam"

Job title:

Lab Assistant

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

⦁ Casual T-shirt
⦁ Jeans
⦁ Non-slip shoes
⦁ Face Mask

Daily Tasks:

⦁ Omar clocks in with Employee ID 423
⦁ Omar must greet Managers and his coworkers
⦁ He needs to check in with Lab supervisor Steve
⦁ Omar will go to the “AC Moisture Content” Station and pick up 4 pans at a time.
⦁ Leave clipboards there neatly “200 Wash” only.
⦁ Pre-soaks 4 pans.
⦁ Waits 3 minutes and starts with the first pan.
⦁ Carefully transfers the soil to the 200 bowl. You may use the water to remove left over soil on pan into the bowl.
⦁ Rinse under water for approximately 5 minutes until water runs clear and then transfers remaining soil back to the pan.
⦁ Always keep blue sticky note inside pan for identification
⦁ Place pan to the left side and continue with the next pan.
⦁ Omar takes a 10-minute break at 12 noon.
⦁ Omar continues going back to the “AC Moisture Content” Station and picks another 4 pans.
⦁ At the end of the shift Omar reports back to Lab Supervisor Steve and lets him know how many pans he completed.
⦁ Omar will ask if there’s anything else he can do before he clocks out.
⦁ Omar says good bye to Lab Supervisor Steve and all his coworkers.
⦁ Omar clocks out with Employee ID 423

Special Instructions:

Areas of Improvement:

Additional Information: