Employment Profile


Del Taco

Manager's name:

Alex (GM)

Job title:

Team Member

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

• Red Del Taco promo shirt
• Del Taco name tag
• Black long pants
• Black belt
• Del Taco black hat
• Non-slip shoes (MANDATORY)
• Clean shaved face always
• Short fingertip nails
• Make sure his clothes are clean

Daily Tasks:

● Sweep parking lot and pick up trash (Make sure to be thorough by checking the grass and bushes and around the backside)
● Check for boxes and check/take out outside trash.
● Clean the lobby, tables, counters, and chairs.
● Clean outside windows, all the way around. (Even the drive-thru side)
● Clean the walls on the outside of the restaurant.
● Wash the dishes.
● Take 10-minute break.
● Clean BOTH bathrooms: Check trash, paper towels, and soap. Clean the toilet, paper towel dispenser, sink, sweep, and mop the floor. (when throwing away bathroom trash, throw it in the dumpster and NOT trash cans)
● Sweep and mop the dining room area. (Same mop and bucket)
● Take out the inside trash and boxes.
● Do more dishes.
● Sweep parking lot and pick up trash AGAIN.
● If you have extra time:
- Clean lobby tables again.
- Sweep and mop kitchen.
- Check out with the manager.

Special Instructions:

• For Lobby cleaning: Small red bucket, sanitizer, and red rag.
• For Windows: Yellow spray and paper towels. WATCH FOR CARS!
• For Walls: Bathroom cleaner and paper towels.
• For Bathroom: Green mop bucket (Fill the small red bucket with purple cleaner 2 times and 1 time with the green cleaner) also needed Green mop, green broom, and dustpan.

Areas of Improvement:

● Posture
Omar should stand straight, keep his head up and make eye contact. Remind him to be confident and professional.

● Follow Directions
Sometimes when receiving directions from my manager or my coach I tend to argue and not want to follow those directions, encourage me to work as a team to get the tasks done together.

● Communication
I tend to take the conversation off-topic and need redirection to stay on topic.

● Working with urgency
I need your help reminding me that I need to work at a faster pace to make my manager proud, earn a 3, and make you proud.

● Customer Service
Omar is super friendly. Remind him to greet his guests. He should ask customers if he can clear tables and refresh their drinks. Coach and participant should respond with “My pleasure!” instead of “You’re Welcome.”

Additional Information: