Employment Profile


El Pollo Loco

Manager's name:


Job title:

Lobby Assistant

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

● Black EPL Hat
● Name Tag
● EPL issued facemask
● EPL Shirt
● Black pants
● Non-Slip shoes
● Black belt
● Black socks

Daily Tasks:

COVID-19 Procedures:

• Greet the staff and manager
• Wash hands (you also wash hands every 30 mins) initial chart.
• Clock in first, then answer Covid19 Screening and check the temperature.
• Ask if there is anything, in particular, he needs to do that day
• Sweep/scrub outside (dumpster area)
• Wipe tables in lobby/outside (sanitized)
• Sweep/mop lobby/kitchen
• Wash the racks in the walk-in fridge
• Clean restrooms/stoke toilet paper and paper towels if needed/sweep/mop
• Take out trash in all areas
• Sweep parking lot
• Check out with the manager

Special Instructions:

Managers need the coach to be actively supporting the participant. Coach should greet customers and provide great customer service as well.

Every Wednesday Ricardo’s new work schedule comes out and ready to view in the touch screen. He knows how to do it, help him take a good picture of his schedule on his phone so he may learn what days/hours he works that week!

Every other Wednesday Ricardo gets paid. Check in with manager for his paycheck, but have Michael ask for it.

Areas of Improvement:

● Hands to myself
I like to tickle others to make them laugh at work, reminding me that this is not professional and I cannot do this to others at work because I can get in trouble.

● Communication
Sometimes I can be talkative at work, and want to talk to my coach or my coworkers, which can get me off task, be sure to be redirecting me to stay focused on my task.

● Following Directions
Sometimes I will walk away from my coach while they are providing instructions, or without communicating what I will be working on next, remind me that we are a team and that teams stick together.

Additional Information: