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El Pollo Loco

Manager's name:

Robert (DM), Jose (GM), and Pedro Macias

Job title:

Service Expert

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Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

Daily Tasks:

COVID-19 Procedures:

• Greet the staff and manager
• Before Ryan clocks in, he MUST wash his hands for 20 seconds, and sign his initials to check off that he had washed his hands. (coach as well)
(Throughout his shift, Ryan has to wash his hands every 30 minutes, and then put on a fresh pair of gloves.)
• Ryan must then put on clear gloves located by the registers. He can not touch the registers with his bare hands. (coach as well)
• Once Ryan finishes, the computer will print out his results. Then, Ryan can proceed to clock in. Ryan must take his test results and present them to the manager. The manager will then look over it and put it away in a file. The manager will then check Ryan's temperature. The manager will also check the coach's temperature as well.
• Restroom check (restock supplies and sanitize doors)
• Sweep outside
• Sanitize doors
• Sanitize tables and chairs (inside and outside)
• Sanitize front counter and payment machines
• Sweep inside
• Clean carpets
• Ryan asks if he can help prep (usually helps with either chips, tortillas, fries, or broccoli)
• Take out trash from the patio trash can
• Repeat sanitizing all the doors and tables
*inside: use sanitizer and a towel
**outside: use spic and span spray bottle with paper towels

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