Employment Profile


TJ Maxx

Manager's name:

Maria (GM), Rosslyn (Asst. Manager), Letty (BRC)

Job title:

Backroom Assistant

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

• Non slip shoes
• Business casual attire
• No logos on shirts
• Store name tag
• NO bleached /torn/ embellished jeans/pants

Daily Tasks:

• Sarah clocks in with Employee ID.
• Sarah must greet Managers and her coworkers!
• She checks in with back room coordinator on what she’ll be working on that day. She needs to finish assigned tasks before her shift ends. Tasks may include:
• Processing shoes.
• Sarah unwraps and removes tissue from inside shoes.
• She then codes every RIGHT shoe with a marker, code sheet is located at shoe station (ex. If price $19.99, the code is “020”, round up to dollar).
• She also attaches censors to all RIGHT foot shoes.
• She puts all the shoes by sizes in different containers.
• Besides the sensor and code, she needs to put the shoe size sticker inside the shoes.
• if she needs to leave the shoes in boxes (ex. boots) they need to have a shoe size sticker in the right hand corner outside the box.
• Processing purses.
• Sarah unwraps purses (removes plastic, paper wrapped on zippers etc.).
• After unwrapped, she attaches a censor to each purse, usually around the purse handle or buckle directly attached to purse (censor must not be able to slip off in any way, MUST BE SECURE).
• Lastly, she sorts purses into different totes (Michael Kors and Kate Spade go in a separate tote as well as purses marked $199.99 and higher).
• For all processes make sure Sarah sets up a trash bin for only plastic and a big box for cardboard. She should throw all trash away and sweep area clean when she is finished.
• Censoring sunglasses.
• Stocking food items on store shelves.
• Boxing perfumes.
• Customer service, “I Care Walk”. Sarah must walk through 5 departments and provide customer service. Her goal is to approach 5 customers. Sarah should always greet “Good Morning/Afternoon!” “Hello welcome to TJ Maxx!” “Are you finding everything okay?” and attend to customers if they need any assistance finding anything.

Special Instructions:

Go to associate check-in for COVID-19 Screening

Press the button to call a manager over

The job coach and Sarah must put on hand sanitizer before entering the back room. TJ Maxx will provide the supplies.

Sarah and Job Coach will sign in on checklist and sign off that we both have no symptoms of COVID-19

Lastly Temperature Check

***Sarah must complete online screening on safari at home, please make sure we remind mom to take a screenshot since Sarah currently doesn’t have Safari on her phone***

Backroom Measures:

1. Maintain Social Distance as much as possible

2. Face mask on at all times

3. After working at any station please sanitize the station with a pink solution and wipe down with a paper towel.

• Sarah’s new schedule gets put out every Friday. Teach her to read her schedule.
• TJ Maxx’s paydays are on Mondays. Sarah should check in with manager and ask for it.
• Managers need the coach to be actively supporting the participant. Coach should greet customers, be smiling and provide great customer service as well.
• Working with a sense of urgency is MANDATORY! Sarah should increase her productivity.
• Sarah and coach MUST provide customer service when working on the sales floor. Encourage her to make proper eye contact when greeting staff and customers.
• Coach should help Sarah memorize store departments. Coach should take pictures and make visuals for her to memorize store layout.

Areas of Improvement:

• Speed. When stocking or processing items, Sarah may get comfortable and work slowly one item at a time. Motivate her to go above and beyond by grabbing more than one or two items to make the process go by faster. Praise her for his progress, set the pace!
• Motivate Sarah to be confident and use her words. Teach her to communicate with staff if she needs help.
• Customer service. Sarah should approach at least 5 customers confidently. He needs to speak loud and clear. Coach and participant should respond with “My pleasure!” instead of “You’re Welcome."

Additional Information:

<a href=Locker: 13
Code: 21-23-09
Door Pad Entry: 71400 target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline">Locker: 13
Code: 21-23-09
Door Pad Entry: 71400