Employment Profile



Job title:

Courtesy Clerk

Manager's name:

Carolyn & Natalie

Employee ID #:


Updated on:

JUL 2022

Resources/ Visuals:

Job responsibilities:

I am responsible for gathering the shopping carts to keep the parking lot organized, bagging groceries for the customers, general cleaning and stocking, maintaining the bathrooms, stocking the shelves, and restocking the cash register areas.

Uniform (Dress Code):

● Sprouts work shirt
● Sprout’s name tag
● work pants
● black belt
● black socks
● non-slip shoes
● facemask (optional)

Daily Tasks:

● Greet my coworkers and manager from the front, middle, and back of the store.

● Clock in with my ID#: 60230569

● Check in with my manager Carolyn or Natalie

● Take the signage outside at 7:00 am

● Check for any cart left outside from the night before

● Water the plants, if needed. (NOT THE BOUQUETS OR ORCHIDS)


● Before I collect carts, I need to…

● Communicate with Head Cashier (blue polo shirt)

● Sign off on the completed task

● Sign my initials on the clipboard.

● STORE/PRODUCE SWEEP (every hour) Before I sweep, I need to…

● Communicate with Head Cashier (blue polo shirt)

● Sign off on the completed task

● Swipe my card into the Sprouts system monitor and click the SWEEPIcon. Then click on STORE SWEEP. Doing so will show Sprout's management that the task was completed.

● Repeat the steps above for PRODUCE SWEEP.


● Before I do a restroom check, I need to…

● Communicate with Head Cashier (blue polo shirt)

● What do I need?

● The key to open the toilet paper dispensers (located by the Sprouts system monitor).

● Sign off on the completed task

● Sign my initials on the clipboard (posted on the door).

● Make sure to use gloves, and restock on toilet paper, seat covers, and soap.


● Coach will assist in asking the customer, “how many bags would you like?”

● A good idea would be to bag all the meat items in one bag.

● Make sure to leave plastic bags in the bag stand when bagging. Do not remove the bags and then bag.

● Make sure that plastic bags are fully stocked Smile and thank the customer for coming, “Thank you”.


● Before I do go back/shrink items, I need to…

● Communicate with Head Cashier (blue polo shirt)

● Go-backs:

● These are items that can be returned to their specific department. Check the last 4 digits

● of the barcode to ensure the item goes there.

● Go back items are located on the left-hand side of the cash register.

● Shrink items:

● These are items that have been returned, damaged, or open. These items cannot be

● placed on the shelves. Take items back to the back. If they are producing items, you can give

● them to the produce associate or place them in the produce cart located in the walk-in

● refrigerator. For deli/meat items, take them to the deli department.

● Shrink items are on the right-hand side of the cash register.

● Check out with the manager

● Clock out

Special Instructions:

● Every time Sean goes to start a new task, make sure to communicate with the head cashier (with a blue polo shirt).

● Ask Sean what he needs when cleaning and restocking the restrooms.

● Sean will need a safety vest when and a strap when running carts.

● Remind Sean to turn carts promptly to make it easier to push up the ramp.

● Remind Sean of the importance of looking both ways when running carts.

● Remind Sean, when pushing carts, to grab the front of the cart so it doesn’t roll away.

● Must indicate on system monitor when store/produce sweep is done by swiping his badge also sign off on the clipboard

● Sean must initial for restroom checks on clipboards

● Sean must initial for cart runs on the clipboard by system monitor

Areas of Improvement:

● Customer Service: Prompt Sean to always give a big smile to customers and greet them “Hi welcome”, “Have a great day”, and “Are you finding everything good?”. Employees must always have a positive attitude and more, they should always look out for customers to promote a good work environment. At least 4 customers.

● Urgency: Work needs to be done with a sense of urgency. Vincent is capable of this. He needs encouragement and to be reminded of it while working and bagging the groceries for the customers. Once again, speed is important, but ACCURACY is the key.

● Professionalism: Sean must use his words to communicate with the customers, managers, and coaches. This will help with independence and confidence. If he needs help, prompt him to communicate and praise his efforts.