Employment Profile


Motivate My Closet

Manager's name:


Job title:

Store Associate

Employee ID #:

Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

● MMC Shirt
● Black Pants
● Black Belt
● Black Socks
● Name tag

Daily Tasks:

● Pre-Meeting
● Put out signs, banners, and sweater racks
● Sweep front entrance of CM, MMC, and parking lot
● Sign Spinning
● Gather, organize supplies, and put together new coaches bags and emergency vehicle kits (6-8)
● Take out the trash, in all of CM offices and MMC
● Clean all windows
● Dust - mannequins, blocks they stand on, around windows, shelves, anywhere else
● Fold clothes
● Go through the discount bun, gather damaged clothing for “free bags” give to ExD to put on Offer Up
● Sweep/Mop
● Manager Cynthia will also provide tasks

Special Instructions:

● Be sure to give/ask for extra breaks
● Sit and do some tasks
● Money management

Areas of Improvement:

● Confidence
I can be a little shy and this causes me to speak in a low voice and avoid eye contact. You can help me boost my confidence by practicing and implementing the Four Core Customer Service skills. Motivate me and remind me of my capabilities.

● Customer Service
Prompt me and encourage me to provide customer service in a loud and clear tone of voice.

● Working with Urgency
I could use your assistance to help me improve on picking up the pace. You can help me by giving me time-sensitive tasks, using a timer, and reminding me of the importance of effectiveness at work. Don’t forget to praise, this will help motivate me.

Additional Information: