Employment Profile



Manager's name:

Layla (GM), Morena (BRC), Natti

Job title:

Backroom Associate

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

• Non slip shoes
• Business casual attire
• No logos on shirts
• Store name tag
• NO bleached /torn/ embellished jeans/pants

Daily Tasks:

• Vincent clocks in with Employee ID.
• Vincent must greet Managers and his coworkers!
• He starts by cleaning the break room and taking all the trash from the break room, bathrooms, fitting room and the outside trash can in front of the store.
• He checks in with his back room coordinator Morena on what he’ll be working on that day. He
needs to finish assigned tasks before his shift ends. Tasks may include:

Lay up clothing:
• 1.Set up work station. He needs 2 trash cans, one for plastic and other cardboard/paper trash.
• 2.Open boxes with box cutter. Lay out clothing on wooden boards.
• 3.Organize lay out clothes by TOPS and BOTTOMS.
• 4.Separate Tops and bottoms according to UNDER 18.99 in their own piles
• 5. Separate tops and bottoms 19.99 and UP on other pile. (19.99 and UP gets sensors)
• When finished he must sweep area clean and throw away trash and replace trash bag.

• Help him become more productive when laying up clothes. He takes too much time. Coach can
help him open boxes and bags of clothing.

• Receiving: Vincent opens the boxes, checks merchandise for price tags and puts items on the
home merchandise shelves so they can be taken to the main sales floor. Coach can help him take
out the home merchandise out of the boxes. It is a very fast pace process so he needs coach’s

• Processing luggage: He opens boxes of luggage and sensors each luggage and adds price tag.
Coach can help him unwrap everything and help him with the cardboard boxes. He needs to put
them in a bigger box for recycling.

Processing purses:
• 1.He unwraps purses (removes plastic, paper wrapped on zippers etc.).
• 2. He attaches a censor to each purse, usually around the purse handle or buckle directly attached to
purse. (Must be in a place where it may not slide off)
• 3. He sorts purses into different totes (Michael Kors, Kate space and big brands go in a separate tote
as well as purses marked $199.99 and higher).

• Black sensors on high prices purses, Grey sensors on lower priced purses.
• Anytime Vincent is on the sales floor he must provide customer service. He must smile and greet
• Vincent must start cleaning up work area five minutes before clocking out. Return everything where it
belongs and throw away any trash.
• When leaving the store, he needs to say good bye to the associates. Before walking out, he checks
in with register and they operand check his bag. This is for every associate. Marshalls policies.

Special Instructions:

• Clock in on time (work schedule). Vincent usually clocks in three minutes before, but it is not advisable. Time adds up. Rule is: on time or one minute before.
• Make sure Vincent leaves everything inside his locker. Associates are not allowed to have anything
on the floor but a watch.
• There is a schedule by the managers office next to the stairs where Vincent checks what he needs to
work on that day if manager does not give him a special task. The schedule is for the whole week
• He has 15-minute break only if he works 4 or more hours.

Areas of Improvement:

• Speed. Work needs to be done with a sense of urgency. Vincent is capable of this. He needs encouragement and be reminded of it while working. Once again, speed is important, but ACCURACY is the key.
• Coach should promote communication but only when answering questions about work or quizzing
him about his department and best practices. Coach needs to practice with him learning more about
the store, so he can continue growing and advancing on his career.
• Vincent does not like to be called "Vince" and he may raise his voice. Frontload him about not doing
that if people call him by that name. Coach should always reinforce self-esteem and desire for personal growth. Motivate and be positive!
• Overall, Vincent is very capable of doing more. Manager wants to help but coach needs to be on top
of everything for this to happen. Coach is encouraged to ask questions when in doubt to managers
and Employment First.

Additional Information:

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