Employment Profile


El Pollo Loco

Manager's name:

Leonel (GM)

Job title:

Service Assistant

Employee ID #:


Job responsibilities:

Uniform (Dress Code):

• El Pollo Loco shirt
• Hat
• Black pants
• Black belt
• Black slip resistant shoes

Daily Tasks:

COVID-19 Procedures

• Greet the staff and manager
• Before Zac clocks in, he MUST wash his hands for 20 seconds, and sign his initials to check off that he had washed his hands. (coach as well)
• (Throughout his shift, Zac has to wash his hands every 30 minutes, and then put on a fresh pair of gloves.)
• Zac must then put on clear gloves located by the registers. He can not touch the registers with his bare hands. (coach as well)
• Once Zac finishes, the computer will print out his results. Zac must take his test results and present them to the manager. The manager will then look over it and put it away in a file. The manager will then check Zac's temperature. The manager will also check the coach's temperature as well.
• Clock in using # 6684
• He starts off by sanitizing using the solution buckets
• He cleans the lobby area (soda fountain, dining tables where his coworkers eat, tables by the registers & payment slots and rails)
• He also cleans the bathrooms (if it's too full inside with customers, we will start outside)
• He cleans all patio tables and chair handles with the Spic and Span spray and sanitizing rag
• He also cleans both doors (specifically, the handles and bars)
• He uses the green broom and a dustpan to sweep inside and out
• He sweeps any trash in the patio area as well as in the driveway and parking lot
• He also does a quick sweep on the mats if customers allow it
• If enough time and bathrooms are dirty, he also does a quick sweep for the bathrooms
• Zac packs a box of tortillas for each shift (He alternates between flour and corn tortillas)
• Throw away both trash (patio and lobby).
• Check out with the manager

Special Instructions:

Do not use a black tray when cleaning/sanitizing tables. Only use the sanitizing solution and green rag.

Areas of Improvement:

Additional Information: