NAME: Erika Valadez

DISABILITY: Mild Intellectual Disability



Job Title? Team Member

Job Responsibilities? Lobby

Manager(s) Names? Yesenia (Manager), Ana, Cece, David

I am working for chart? No

Read/write? Yes

Behaviors? None

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant? 

Create a bond with Erika by getting to know her. She is very sweet. Have a conversation with her and ask her how she is doing. She works at two work sites (Del Taco, El Pollo Loco). Tell her how awesome she is for working so hard!

Restroom Accidents? No

Eating habits? 

No bad habits, she normally orders food on shift or after her shift. Maybe encourage her to make healthy choices.

3 areas that your participants should focus on? 

  • Speed

  • Focusing on Tasks

  • Effective Multitasking

  • Sense of Urgency

Special tips/instructions? 

Redirect when she talks about managers or other coaches. She is very quick to call Ms. Rosanna if she doesn't like you. She expects coach to be there to help and split tasks with her.

Please remind her that although you guys are a team, your job as a coach is to provide support and teach her the way to becoming the best she can be! She is very capable.

Erika tends to stand around and can get chatty with coworkers. Always keep her moving. 

Remind Erika to remain professional and do the best she can even if she does not favor her manager. 

Erika likes when you help her in a task. Support and engage with her at work, do not just watch her work. She will be discouraged

Make sure she focus on cleaning detail. She may work to fast and leave it partially clean, double check her work.