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How long will it take for my son/daughter to get hired?

It's a case by case bases. However, if we all work together as a team, it can happen sooner than later.

Does Clear Motivations pay the participant?

No. When a participant gets hired, they will get hired on directly. The company that chooses to employ them will be responsible of all of their wages, just like any other working adult.

Will my son/daughter get hired at the internship site?

We usually only train at the sites that allow our participants to intern at. Our coaches work hard with the participant to build them an impressive resume and gain confidence to have a successfull interview that will land them a job. Most of our participants get hired on at other sites that are not the internship site.

Does my son/daughter have an option where they intern at?

We have various internship sites available to our participants based on the location they live in.

Is there a dress code?

YES! Clear Motivations teaches its participants the importance of having good hygiene and looking presentable when going to work. Having a dress code for our participants helps them practice this daily.