NAME: Jessica Henderson

DISABILITY: Cerebral Palsy (Right hand side), Epilepsy, Other Disorders of Psychological Development, Deaf.  
BEHAVIORS: Potential Aggressive Behavior



I am working for chart? No, she has a “I am Great at…” and a feelings chart

Read/write? Yes, reads and writes, but she is deaf. She uses a white board for communication.


Tends to hit when she is upset. Once a month she is prone to having behaviors such as hitting. Anything can trigger this, due to birth control.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

  • She works for a letter grade after each site

  • Choosing lunch spot

Restroom Accidents? No. She does not use the restroom while at program. If she does use a two minute timer.

Eating habits?

She brings a lunch from home and buys as well. She has to buy from the closest food place. Jessica needs to be reminded to use a napkin and chew with her mouth closed. Does not like chicken. Likes to cut her meals. Needs to be reminded to wait for the rest of the group when having lunch.

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Focus on whiteboard cleanliness

  • Table manners

  • Being patient

  • Staying with the group

  • Staying busy by finding things that need to be worked on.

Special tips/instructions?

May have seizures - uses VNS. Has leakage from her nose and mouth and needs to be reminded to wipe her face. She loves working when given a task.

Updated: October 2019