NAME: Keith Gonzalez

DISABILITY: Mild Intellectual Disability



Job Title? Lobby Assistant

Job Responsibilities? El Pollo Loco

Manager(s) Names? Jose

I am working for chart? No

Read/write? Yes

Behaviors? Talks excessively.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?
Keith enjoys conversation about free time/weekends. Reminding him about going home to take a nap after work, play with his VR headset, he likes music & traveling. He likes to go out to eat for social skills.

Restroom Accidents? No

Eating habits? 

No bad eating habits. Maybe encourage him to make healthy choices by not always eating out.

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Stay focus   

  • He looks down on himself too often

  • Clean uniform and shave       

  • Help him to stay positive(he has low self esteem)

  • He talks to much remind him he is at work and he has to maintain focus

  • Remain him about personal hygiene

Special tips/instructions? Keith responds to humor and being silly. Use this to motivate him! Always remind him your proud of him. Make him feel confident in all his tasks, his goal is to be a cashier.  Keith likes to have someone that motivates him constantly , he won't ask for help but always ask if he needs it, he won't be shy to say. Yes, He likes to be remembered that once he gets home he'll be able to nap and that usually gets him excited.

Updated: October 2019