NAME: Kendall Jones

DISABILITY: Mild Intellectual Disability, Apraxia   



Job Title? Service Assistant

Job Responsibilities? 

Greeting customers as the enter/leave, wiping down dust outside the restaurant, scrubbing the front/back entrance including any noticeable stains on the sidewalk, sweeping all 4 parking lot including the drive thru area, cleaning the salsa bar glass, cleaning the salsa bar, filling up the salsa bar, table touching, sweeping the lobby, stocking items (napkins, straws, soda lids, etc.), cleaning the windows of the front/back entrance, collecting trays, and changing soda syrup when needed. 

Manager(s)? Maria | Assistant Managers - Melissa, Wendy

I am working for chart? No


Read, yes. Write, yes. However Kendall needs help when writing sentences as far as putting words in the right order.


Kendall often times sighs or says “ugh” when she doesn’t get her way. Or go as far as saying “I’m not giving you attitude”, “I’m not doing this right now”. Also, she may walk away from you when you are talking to her. Kindly remind her that when someone speaks to her, she needs to wait and listen because it’s polite. She may comment back at times. You need to be very positive with her.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

Kendall needs motivation. Sometimes she complains about little things but remind her she’s making money. Kendall also loves Starbucks. Maybe have her work towards getting Starbucks.

Restroom Accidents? No

Eating habits?

 Kendall is generally good at eating in small bites. Not really any issues with eating. However, sometimes she tends to order TOO much food and ends up throwing away half or more of what she ordered. Encourage her to only order what she knows she will eat for certain. Or encourage her to order less food and if she is still hungry after that, then she can order more food.

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Washing hands properly

  • Not rushing through her table touching and slowing down her words when providing customer service. Apply 4 core customer service.

  •  Eye contact

Special tips/instructions?

You need to be absolutely SILLY with Kendall it helps her keep a positive attitude. Maybe do a little dance after completing a task, she’ll probably laugh at you or smile and say “Oh my gosh!” But the point is you made her smile and she’s in a positive atmosphere.

Compliment and praise her efforts very often! Kendall doesn’t like to be touched. Her mom expressed that to me when I first became her coach. High fives and fist pumps are fine it’s just for example like a pat on the back, or if a coach needs to do a hand over hand explanation of a task it’s best to ask her “Is it okay to put my hand on top of yours, so we can do this together?”

Facebook: Participant has authorized consent from parent or guardian to utilize Facebook for weekly wrap-ups.