NAME: Kenny Sisowath

DISABILITY: Intellectual Disability (ID), Autism 
BEHAVIORS: Potential Aggressive Behavior



Job Title?  Lobby / Outside Attendant

 Job Responsibilities?

  • Sweeping and mopping the outside of El Pollo Loco

  • Wiping the inside / outside windows 

  • Cleaning El Polo Loco drive thru signs

  • Cleaning the drive thru menu

  • Dusting / Cleaning the black railings with polish

  • Wiping down the chairs (including the legs), tables, trashcans

  • Bathroom Check

Manager(s) names? Angie

I am working for chart? Yes

Read/write? Read - Yes, but needs assistance Write - Yes


  • TV Talk

  • Yelling

  • Fake Crying

Reinforcers/ special interests that will motivate participant?

  • Always ask what he is working for

  • High Fives and smiles

  • Favorite Song for on the way home: Spice Girls - Wannabe (can also work for this)

Restroom accidents? No, but will take long if not front load him.

Eating habits?

Will slurp his mac n cheese. Needs visuals to use napkins, slow down and chew with mouth closed.

 3 (or more) Areas that your participant should focus on?

  • Greeting his Coworkers, not just Angie

  • Using his words when needing or wanting something

  • He needs to work on staying focused

Special tips/instructions?

Kenny works best when you're constantly praising him. If he pats your shoulder, now is a good time for praising. Use a lot of "I do, we do, you do" and hand over hand when mopping the outside.