NAME: Lucas Chorak

DISABILITY: Autism, Other Disorders of Psychological Development 
BEHAVIORS: Running or Wandering Away



I am working for chart? No

Read/write? Yes


  • He is very shy and will give very short answers if asked questions. (He needs to be reminded to engage with the other members and customers).

  • After greeting customers he awkwardly stands in place until he is given the next instruction.

  • He easily loses focus. However, he listens and understands everything you say and if asked, will repeat what is said and understands what he needs to do.

  • When he loses focus, he has a tendency to open his mouth and make a noise as if he is slurping something.

  • He breathes very loudly, at times it sounds as if he can’t breathe well. However, when asked, he states he feels fine and appears to be.

Reinforcers/ special interests that will motivate participant?

  • He likes to listen to “Across the world” by the Beatles and “Heart of glass” by Blondie.

  • He is very interested in music of the 70s.

  • He enjoys sitting in the front seat.

  • He likes to take the time during the car ride to enjoy the music. (his time to prepare for the work day/relax after each site).

Restroom accidents? No

Eating habits?

  • He likes to purchase lunch or bringing his own from home (he is good about getting healthy options).

  • He needs to drink water throughout the work week.

  • He has overall good eating habits. (He uses his napkin, eats slowly, etc.)

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Communication- He is very timid to ask or take initiative until he is told to do so. He needs to work on being specific when communicating to a group member instead of saying “help” he needs to communicate exactly what he needs help with.

  • Speed- He takes his time when he is working on a task and needs to be reminded to work efficiently.

  • Confidence- He will wait to be told what to do and look at job coach for approval after the task has already been explained. When he is praised for his good work, he repeats your praise in a question to make sure he heard you and understood that you are praising him.

Special tips/instructions?

He needs to be signed in and out of his group home every day.