NAME: Mara Johnson

DISABILITY: Down Syndrome, Unspecified  
BEHAVIORS: Potential Aggressive Social Behavior, Emotional Outburts



Job Title? Sale Associate

Job Responsibilities? 

  • Customer Service

  • Work in the 

  • Donation center

  • Stock room

  • Keep store, breakroom and bathroom clean

  • Keep store organize

 Manager names? Claudia

I am working for chart?  Yes

Read/write? She can do both but not very good at both.


She tends to whine when she does not agree with something or if she is having a bad day. Can be argumentative with coach.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

 Mara loves to read, she can work for reading during lunch, picking radio station or sitting in the front.

Restroom Accidents?

 Yes, occasionally. Mara has an extremely sensitive stomach. She should always carry additional clothes in her bag.

Eating habits? 

Mara eats well. Although she likes fatty foods, it is best to gear her away from them due to her sensitive stomach, which can cause her to have restroom accidents.

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Communication

  • Speed while completing a task

  • Getting along with peers

Special tips/instructions?  

Mara is easy going, reminding her of her tasks and that she has to focus will keep her in line.