NAME: Maria Rodriguez

DISABILITY: Disorder of Psychological Development  
BEHAVIORS: Potential Aggressive Behavior



I am working for chart?  Yes

Read/write?  Yes


She can drop to the floor or walk away when she is discouraged or tired. She can get aggressive if not reminded of her reinforcers once she displays her behavior. Can also become very emotional.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

She loves watching Monday Night RAW and Smackdown wrestling on Tuesdays. She loves choosing lunch locations during the week and playing Pokemon games on her Nintendo DS.

Restroom Accidents?

She has had restroom accidents in the past, but hasn’t been a commonality lately. When on her period she needs to be reminded to change.

Eating habits?

Can eat too fast, so visuals are required. She needs to be reminded to use her napkin because her clothes tend to get messy. If she earns her video game at lunch, a 5 minute timer is used.

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Working with others (being a team player)

  • Controlling emotions

  • Using her words, when being spoken to or if she needs something.

Special tips/instructions?

Maria is a great team leader, she can be a big help when paired with a lower functioning participant. She is allowed a 3 minute break at job-site only if she asks. She used a ranking system for her chart so a text to both her mom and Colin must be sent at the end of the day.