NAME: Matt Drapkowski

DISABILITY: Moderate Intellectual Disability, Fragile X Syndrom
BEHAVIORS: Personal Care, Communication with Eye Contact



Job Title? Lobby at Del Taco

Job Responsibilities? 

Clean lobby, restock lobby, clean bathrooms, trash, wash dishes.

Manager(s) names? Arnulfo

I am working for chart? No

Read/Write? Both with difficulty


  • He has a hard time making eye contact.

  • Shuts down when overwhelmed at work.

  • He can become shy and will touch his head every now and then.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

Speak to him in Spanish, ask for him to kick the shyness away! He is very competitive and likes to compete on who can finish the task sooner, so he can get the front seat. He likes soda and he enjoys dancing and singing to Spanish music.

Restroom accidents?

No, but will wait until the last minute to ask. If not asked for a bathroom break.

Eating habits? Good eater and cleans up after himself.

3 areas that your participant should focus on?

  • Eye Contact

  • Customer Service

  • Speaking with Confidence 

Special tips/instructions?

Loves Spanish, favorite song is Perfect by Ed Sheeran. He shuts down and won’t participate when feels he has done something wrong. Some times when everyone is cheering him on he will refuse to participate. Giving him a timer to calm down and taking a break will help.