NAME: Matthew "Matt" Sanders




Job Title? Service Assistant

Job Responsibilities? 

  • Engage with customers 

  • Sweep parking lot/dumpster using blue broom

  • Wipe down outside menu boards using a bucket of water, wiping with green rag

  • Use green broom to sweep inside dining room/bathrooms

  • Fill up both ice machines

  • Check on salsa bar, stock all cups and lids, condiments, napkins 

  • Bring a bucket of sanitizer with green rag out to drink station

  • Wipe down drink station, check for what needs to be stocked

  • Bring any needed drink lids and straws out to drink station, store underneath drink station 

  • Get purple spray (or spic and span, or cleaner with bleach) along with paper towels to clean the restrooms

  • Check if toilet paper, paper towels, toilet seats, and soap need to be restocked 

  • Clean the ice machine with a bucket of sanitizer (twice a week) 

These are all of Matt’s main tasks when he first gets to work, after these get completed you can check to see what “side work” he can complete to help get ready for the busy work day. 


Side work includes:

- Prep green serrano peppers, fill an extra clear tub with red lid 

- Cut extra lemons, fill an extra clear tub with red lid 

- Ask front/drive through employees if they need help packing corn & flour tortillas/chip bags.

Manager(s) names? Rebecca, Alisha, Mayra, Carla, and Ray

I am working for chart? Yes

Read/write?  Yes, basic words.


Sometimes inappropriate touching himself. When he gets frustrated he will yell and throw his hands up in the air.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

  • Spending time with his friend Emilio 

  • iPad time at home

  • Playing arcade games on his Xbox 

  • Matt loves going to Round 1, eating Taco Bell, and enjoys telling about his weekends. He also enjoys listening to KISS in the car.

Restroom Accidents? No, but can take advantage of restroom breaks.

Eating habits?

He rushes himself to eat fast and eats with his mouth open. Prompt him with Visual Cards.

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Keeping eye contact/staying focused

  • Making sure he uses his manners

  • Communicate with other/ socializing 

Special tips/instructions?

He will get frustrated if job coach speaks too much, but just remind him you are there to help him with his job. If he needs something, he needs to use his words and tell job coach his wants/ needs. Also, Matt panics when feeling rushed, constant praising and motivating when working with urgency. 

Facebook: Participant has authorized consent from parent or guardian to utilize Facebook for weekly wrap-ups.