NAME: Matthew "Matt" Trejo

DISABILITY: Intellectual Disability, Autism  
BEHAVIORS: Potential Aggressive Behavior



I am working for chart? Yes

Read/write?  Yes, both.


He can display behaviors both minor and severe. The “I am working for…” chart helps prevent any verbal and physical behaviors from occurring. No “Woo/Hitting”. Can yell or become impatient - needs time management.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

  • Enjoys watching movies and doing ceramics

  • Working for movie on weekend

  • Working for Fun Friday

  • Working for lunch/home

Restroom Accidents?

No, but needs to be reminded to wash his hands thoroughly, and only pass gas in the restroom.

Eating habits?

Can improve eating habits. Eats too fast if not front loaded. Requires eating visuals to chew slowly, and to remind him to use napkins.

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Staying on task

  • No hitting and wooing

  • Using the restroom to pass gas

  • Focus on communication

  • Being patient while following directions 

Special tips/instructions?

Time management is important. Matt needs to visualize his agenda for the day. He also needs to see the time for lunch and home. Use a timer to help Matt stay focused on his task. Receiving a check mark on his chart every 10-15 minutes to keep him motivated, and praise “well done Matt”.