NAME: Riad Khatib

DISABILITY: Intellectual Disability (ID)



Job Title? Service Assistant

Job Responsibilities? 

  • (8-10:30)

Cooking all hot prep for opening time, setting up all hot food on the kitchen line, cooking back up hot prep for lunch hour 


  • (11-12/1) 

Riad usually helps with cashier, taking out the trash, or making extra taquitos at this time. 


  • (12/1- rest of shift) 

Riad is in charge of washing the dishes and cleaning up the back area. If finished early, he is allowed to cook burritos or pack up food for customers and continue as a cashier. 

Manager(s) names? Sergio (main manager) ,Desiree ,Leslie 

I am working for chart? No

Read/write? He has words memorized and he can write by copying.


He needs to be reminded to keep things professional, such as keeping his hands to himself and talking about Vegas.  Riad will sometimes think of something that upset him and will change his mood for the entire day.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

Riad loves to listen to music, he also loves being told he’s working in “beast mode” therefore, to his MAX potential. His favorite movie is also “Night at the Roxbury” he loves quoting it! 

Restroom Accidents? No

Eating habits?

His dad would like Riad to eat NO carbs and NO sugars, so no sodas. He will sometimes get upset of eating salad everyday so I have to become creative with his lunch meals and change things up to keep him happy. 

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Minimize saying “you ok” and “if you need anything, let me know” every time someone walks by him. 

  • Keeping a smile on his face and staying professional  when a customer is frustrated about prices or other issues. 

  • Being reminded that customers need to pay for drink cups and they can’t be given away. 

Special tips/instructions?

Riad doesn’t like loud noises, he likes small and subtle praising. As long as he’s being reassured, he’ll be happy. He will also be happy if he’s constantly learning new tasks. Always ready for a new challenge! So the faster all tasks are finished, the more new ones he gets to learn.That’s the biggest motivator tool for Riad!

Facebook: Participant has authorized consent from parent or guardian to utilize Facebook for weekly wrap-ups.