NAME: Robbie Olson

DISABILITY: Intellectual Disability (ID)



Job Title? Service Assistant at El Pollo Loco

Job Responsibilities? 

Greeting customers as they enter/leave, wiping down dust outside the restaurant, scrubbing the front/back entrance including any noticeable stains on the sidewalk, sweeping all 4 parking lot including the drive thru area, cleaning the salsa bar glass, cleaning the salsa bar, filling up the salsa bar, table touching, sweeping the lobby, stocking items (napkins, straws, soda lids, etc.), cleaning the windows of the front/back entrance, collecting trays, and changing soda syrup when needed.


Maria - GM 

Assistant Managers - Melissa, Wendy

*Robby distinguishes them by 1st manager and 2nd managers.

I am working for chart? No

Read/Write? No


Robby likes to show off how strong he is and often times refers to himself as Rock Robby to compare himself to The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). That being said, refer to him as Rock Robby he loves it! If it’s your first time working with him maybe try asking him, “Hey! I heard you like being called Rock Robby. Is that true?” He’ll probably smile and tell you yes. Basically it’s a “Rock Robby can do anything” type of attitude! It helps him with his confidence. 

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

He is very easily motivated. He loves to share about his weekend and likes to hear about yours.

Restroom accidents? No

Eating Habits?

Robby always brings a lunch from home. He will rarely buy lunch from work, but it does happen. Robby is really good at eating in small bites, just remind him to bring napkins in his lunch from home. He tends to forget to bring some and he definitely needs them when eating lunch.

3 areas that participant should focus on?

  •  Eye contact 

  • Checking his work, sometimes Robby skips spots when cleaning windows, Robby forgets which table he has checked on when table touching just guide him in the right direction. 

  • Working with urgency

Special tips/Instructions?

Remind Robby how great he’s doing often! Praise, praise, praise. He’s really a joy to work with; you’ll soon see it for yourself