NAME: Trey Foster

DISABILITY: Unspecified Disorder of Psychological Development



Job Title? Cart Pusher

Job Responsibilities? 

  • Collect carts from outside in a timely manner. 

  • Collect any carts being unused inside the store.

  • Assist with customer service carry outs. 

  • Bring back electric carts (e carts)

  • Make sure carts are always filled inside

Manager(s) names? Anna

I am working for chart? No

Read/write?   Yes, able to read and write.


At times gets easily frustrated and gives job coach attitude. Can be argumentative with staff. 

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant? 

Remind him that he’s a hard worker. He likes to listen to music, and have simple conversations. Encourage him to use the Mule (electric cart pusher) this helps bring carts in faster. Walmart provides cold water in cooler for employees, bring him water when he needs to cool down. 

Restroom Accidents? No

Eating habits?

Typically purchases food from Burger King during break. He needs to be reminded to use a napkin.

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Being aware of surroundings greeting and thanking guests as they come/leave Walmart

  • Remind him to use an inside voice especially in the break room because Trey projects his voice and talks loud at times and it can be disruptive to other employees. 

  • Staying focused on his work . Trey likes to be very social.

Special tips/instructions?

He enjoys talking about monster trucks (grave digger), he loves anything spicy, he loves coffee. If he buys coffee from Burger King job coach should help him prepare the coffee (sugar and cream) because he doesn’t have steady hands so it’s hard for him to do this on his own. Trey tends to talk about his accident as a child, redirect the conversation because he can become upset.

Facebook: Participant has authorized consent from parent or guardian to utilize Facebook for weekly wrap-ups.